Inspiration for a Black Moon Month : Find your truth. Find your balance. Be restored.

Blessed Dark Moon Month commences, and inspires…. May these images bring an energy of self-knowing, acceptance, healing and growth into your life. Within this fertile healing space, may new seeds be planted for the potential yet to be found within you, and your life.


   Embrace the darkness as a time to look within and nurture the existence, of you…
The Universe reveals its secrets to those who dare to follow their hearts

I believe, that at times the person we are least honest with, is the one we see when we look in the mirror everyday.  In the light our darkness fades into shadows and allows us to hide our truth behind false smiles, pretenses.  The Ego. Our masks


But, within the darkness, we are faced with the silence of the night, and our own inner voice, our inner truth, can become so clear, we can’t ignore it, nor resist it.  We must face it.  I think sometimes what scares individuals the most about Dark or New Moon energy is with the light gone, the darkness they hold within them is exposed and it has the potential to consume them.  It truly is okay.  We all have this within us.  Balance must exists, it’s the natural order, and that includes within us.  It is how we chose to cultivate and nurture (yes nurture) and act on what society deems negative traits, traits which reveals our inner truths.. that can either be healing, or harmful.  If you accept and release, you heal.  If you allow the energies no outlet, they build and the balance shifts, harmful words are spoken, actions taken… this is where our fear lies.

I have a series of posts on journeying already on this website, and one of the first things I suggest when exploring the dark energies within yourself during the Dark/New moon phases, is journaling.  Before you can begin to deal, and heal… you have to be willing to acknowledge your own truth.  This begins by being honest with yourself… record and face the words you wanted to say, but didn’t.  The action you wanted to take, but held back to cause no harm.  The anger or resentment, or jealousy that you revealed only as false acceptance, glad tidings or cheer.  We do these things because it’s polite.  But we need to release the energies of our true response, which we have now internalized, in a safe way before they become too strong and we lash out at a small thing, in a big way.  I know, very well, women and men who are like this.  Approaching life in a passive-aggressive manner, they hold to the perfect Hallmark movie vision of life, and try their best to act, say and do things which show this image to the world. Unfortunately, they then explode.  Usually not at the individuals who caused this build up of energies, but instead at those closest to home, who generally may not deserve it.  In some cases it can be extreme, and lead to abuse within the home.

I learned from a young age, with the guidance of a Brahmin grandfather and a Tibetian/Island Shamanic grandmother, to embrace and integrate the shadow in a healing and healthy way.  The dark moon is a great time to do this, for when you step into the Darkness, when I do…. I am stepping in the arms of the Dark Mother.  She knows that we aren’t perfect.  And she gives me a safe place, where I can do no harm to myself or others, to release this energy.  Thoughts find their voice, once not spoken, in my journal… the pages are burned and the energy released for healing.  Negative energy flowing through me, radiating from clenched fists at all the injustices I witness and can do nothing to change, these get released through the beating of a drum, the shaking of a rattle, the wild woman release through dance.  Once again, negative transforming into healing.

And finally, I allow myself a death, and a rebirth.  Just as our wombs shed, dies… and relines itself in preparation for a new lunar month, just as the snake sheds it’s skin and allows itself to glow a new… so too can we.  This is the dark moon energy.  It is the energy of the sacred womb.

While I do an energy cleanse as part of my nightly puja/rites, during the night of the Dark Moon I take it deeper. I embrace the truth within me.  I allow myself to release what I was unable too during public commutes, within the walls of corporate Canada, or within the civility of family gatherings.  I release it.  I allow it to live outside of me through these healing acts.  Allow the energy to be free in a way it can cause no harm.  Then I weep, if I must, or laugh and rejoice.  Then I give myself over to the Goddess.

I lay my spirit sigil, my Goddess crossroads, within my tub, and as chants echo within the sacred ritual room, aglow with candles and veiled in incense, I fill what has now become the Sacred Womb.  As the sigil blurs and melts into the water a portal is formed, and the womb is made ready for entrance.

1fd061cc4496d6a40ef05190b0f1cce7Journey within to retrieve the most precious resources,
the fragments of your soul,
and be whole…

May you always embrace your shadows, that you may find your light, and live in balance.

Blessed be my pagan family, and Namaste.

Shakti Shaman

10 thoughts on “Inspiration for a Black Moon Month : Find your truth. Find your balance. Be restored.

  1. Thank you. Just enough information to guide me to those first steps, while never over-explaining to muddle my mind. I enjoy, learn from, move forward with your words and how they settle within me. Much love~

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    • Merry meet love! Because it is such a personal journey for me, I do struggle with what to say and how much to share. I felt this was a little too vague, so I am very grateful for your comment 😊💞


  2. I used my Dark Moon time to lovingly cut cords with my mom. I noticed I was picking up and exhibiting traits that were hurting me. As I wrote out the words, they seemed to flow better than I expected, and Cailleach came forward in the words. I am embracing her as a guide for this time of year, and at this point in my life. Thank you for inspiring me to use this Dark Moon for self-healing!

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    • Karen, I can’t believe I missed this beautiful share! I am grateful the black moon month has opened up healing for you my beautiful friend and soul! Pleas link any information you have from you website on Cailleach her as I would love to know her through your eyes! 💞💖💞

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      • I know you are one busy lady and hope all is super good. I am catching up on your videos, too. I confess to taking baby steps here, as i have a hard time trusting myself. Tonight I will explore more, as I feel this time of year lends more strength to my intent. I do think that what I experience is complementary to the energy I felt as Danu, creative mother, near summer solstice. I will keep you posted. Pleas know I am so appreciative of your teachings. Xxxx


  3. September 30th is also my birthday…is there any additional significance for me in terms of this lunar occurrence ? I am very much about ending a bad chapter in my life (bad divorce), and starting a new life & career of my own with my daughter. Would appreciate any additional meaning of this birthday moon

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    • Namasate uadalupe, and HAPPY BIRTH DAY! I am so sorry to happy to hear that you had the courage to put what does not serve you into the past. I am not an astrologer, so I can’t provide you with any details on this. As a shamanic-witch I work with instinct and energies within my own practice… What I can suggest for you is that the energies of the Black moon will last over 3 days, and a Kalash Puja ritual would be a wonderful way to begin this new phase of both your mundane life (after the divorce) and your spiritual renewal for your birthday. If you search Kalash on my website I have information and explanations of the ritual. The Kalash is the recreation of a ‘mini’ earth seeded with your own personal intentions and energy forward you would like to manifest into your life. You can do new ones every New Moon or you can renew/maintain/re-bless it every month. I have one that is constant and other’s which are created for one month or as needed. It is pretty easy to modify this ritual to suit your own path. Use your instinct and believe in your path and yourself ❤ Many blessings on this day for you!


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