Black Moon Rising – A month of mysteries.

As September approaches, we are currently on the cusp of my favorite time of the year – the dark half. This year we are ushered into this shift of magickal and spiritual workings with the energy of what I consider a Super Black Moon month!

While most people are very familiar with the concept of the Blue moon, two full moons in a given calendar month, I have found because many people are hesitant to work with, or embrace the Dark/New moon energy, they often miss the lunar magickal months which contain two Dark/New Moons which are referred to as a Black Moon month. This September is such a month, with Dark/New Moons occurring on September 1st and 30th.

As most of you who have journeyed with me on my website and YouTube Channel know, I am most ritually active during Dark/New moons, and during the dark half of the year. Which means I am very excited about the threshold which is being cosmically created this coming month, which I am preparing to step over, and into.

When it comes to life, there is too often the concept of out of sight, out of mind, but we do ourselves a disservice when applying this to lunar energy. During the dark phases, she is FULL, but hidden. Her energy is deeper, more discreet but just as powerful. Think of the potential you can find there.

I consider this September a Super Black moon energy month for many reasons. The month is heralded in with a double hit of shadow energy on September 1st with the Dark/New moon and solar eclipse. In addition, there will also be a lunar eclipse mid month obscuring the one period of full moon night light energy, bookended with the final Dark/New moon on September 30th.


Dark moon v.s. New moon.
Sometimes you might hear individuals refer to the New Moon as a Dark Moon. While there may be ‘actual’ definitions regarding the difference between the two, I will only write about my spiritual interpretation of these phases as they apply to my practice. Dark moon energy for me is the night before and during the full dark of the moon, and the new moon energy is the night right before the first sliver of silver begins to grow within our night sky again. This year, the first Dark/New Moon on September 1st is amplified by a solar eclipse which will be visible in parts of Europe and Africa, which enhances the shadow or dark energies and heralds the opening of portals for spirits and ghosts to begin entry into our world. For while the veil is thinnest on October 31st, depending on your ancestral and spiritual beliefs, it begins thinning much sooner.

Within the dark moon, the veils of the lunar month are also thinnest, and more open to communion with spirits, and the ancestors, and as this energy joins the solar dark half of the year it is amplified, making this time of the year a global time for ancestral workings. From the Hungry Ghost festival of Asia, to the Petri Pektru of India, the Day of the Dead in Mexico or the revived ancient festival of Samhain stemming from our Celtic kindred and spreading world wide… we can all feel it. That shift of the veil.

Based on my varied ethnic/cultural heritage ancestral veneration is a daily part of my life, but during certain times of the year, it is believed that those who chose can return to the earth to visit. Calling on my Asian (both India, Tibet, Nepal and Chinese heritage), solar and lunar eclipses, for which we have both in the Black Moon month of September, change the energies of the veils and allow passage through of spirits… and demons. For we can’t possibly be so naïve as to believe that only good spirits roam the earth! Having been possessed as a child, I can vouch for the truth of this and the seriousness of protection your home and spirit in the thinner parts of the year.

Now imagine stepping into this season through the portal of a Black Moon month!

This September 1st and 30th both herald Dark/New Moons! And I truly can’t wait to embrace this time and energy. I thought I would share with you, my game plan for this intensely spiritual and magical month. While I offer these as suggestions, please note these are simply my own ways for honouring this energy. Please make this month your own!

Shakti Shaman Kalash Puja:
On a monthly basis, I honour the Dark/New moon in various ways, the one constant is working with my New Moon Kalash Puja where I get to recreate my ‘earth’ building it and seeding it with intentions for my life. I don’t always create a new Kalash, but if I am still feeding an existing one, it is reblessed and refreshed during this time. This month I will be maintaining my existing year long Kalash for mundane needs, but I will also be creating my Spiritual Journey Kalash. This kalash will be building a spirit world altar to focus my journey goals to the ancestors, shadows and more this season.

Yoni Steam:
Dark Moon energy is a great time to embrace female energy healing, deep protection and purification workings and preparing the energy ‘womb’ or sacral chakra for the seeding of ‘life potential’ and goals on the night of the New Moon! Womb energy is not restricted to fertility of life, or child birth, it is in essence an internal Kalash! As women we hold a special energy within our sacral chakra that allows us to manifest, but at times we need to ensure the physical house of this sacral energy is cleared and purified. It is a great time to embrace the blood cycles and to ‘clean house’ if I may. Many cultures around the world, from the Far East to the Mayan tribes do a monthly moon cleanse. A Yoni Steam to remove stale and stagnant energies from within our core of the physical seat of our sacral energy centre. The timing should be one week before your bleeding begins, and should ideally be completed for 3 days. Synchronicity can’t be ignored, and as this 3 day period falls directly at the start of the first Dark Moon in September, I have chosen to experience my first Yoni Steam! This said, I am not a medical professional, so please consult yours before considering this treatment. Legalities aside, let’s continue!

Inner Light:
Dark moon energy also allows you to face your fears, the obstacles that arise from within yourself which are holding you back from success, in any areas of your life, be it love, job or even fully awakening to your spiritual powers. When you venture into the darkness, you have to create your own inner light, find your own strength, release any thoughts of yourself as a victim, and step forward from within as a warrior, healer and protector… releasing ego, and stepping forward with compassion, for when you first offer compassion to yourself, you are able to heal, and you are more ready to see the need for, and offer compassion to others.

Lost Aspects:
As you journey within and face your fears, you may find more than just your strength, you may find the lost aspects of yourself which have been hiding within, waiting for you to find your strength and bring them home. As I complete shadow work, I move directly into Soul Retrieval.

Hidden or Covert Magicks:
I absolutely don’t believe in doing magick against others, or healing without consent. If someone chooses to request assistance, then they are asking for help and that is different. That said, there are some sacred magicks, strong protection work (especially with the aid of the ancestors at this time) and healings which you may need yourself and this is the perfect time to conduct them. I can’t say much more on this, but it should get you thinking.

There are many other aspects of my practice, but some things I am still instructed to keep sacred, and keep safe.

Many blessings as you journey into the shadows to find your light, and live in balance.


3 thoughts on “Black Moon Rising – A month of mysteries.

  1. I love this. I never thought about Dark Moon rituals, but I am on-board now. Usually I lament the dark half of the year, being a summer girl and all, but younhave inspired me to make it a valuable part of my Fallow Year.

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    • Hi Karen! I am so glad the post made you consider this wonderful lunar energy. I think people feel they have to do ‘dark’ workings in a bad way during this time, but I find it so healing. It’s a return to the security of the womb energy 🙂 I would love to know if you end up working with the energy and how, if you are willing to share, if not you can PM me on youtube 🙂

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