Capricorn Full Moon : Strong Foundation & Stability

Sharing the wisdom and guidance of Ara, at Goddess Circle:


The Capricorn Full Moon occurs at 6:57 pm ET on the 19th into the foundation centered phase of responsibility, hard work and self-discipline.

When the Moon is Full in Capricorn, we can find ourselves with focus on our future, our stability and our security. We can also be looking at where this is lacking in our lives currently and what we need to feel safer and more like we have solid ground beneath our feet.

This is a good time to work on structure and solid foundations, to look where these are lacking and to set boundaries. Capricorn also rules ambitions and achieving goals so some driving energy and momentum could be returning for projects that you had been in the planning stages especially in the aftermath of Mars direct at the end of June.

Cap brings a very grounded energy to our workings so this can be a great place to launch new endeavors or really set some strength into ongoing projects and in relationships.

Cap also has us looking at our feelings in relation to rigid authority and rules in our life, where these are stifling our growth forward we can see during this energy where the rules of the past no longer fit. Don’t let the old ways dictate how you can evolve forward, make your own rules. This Moon is shining brightly on your purpose and showing you the building blocks of your path. Trust your inner guidance moving forward. There are huge doors opening with these shifts and upcoming in the fall eclipse season.

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Full Moon Blessings, may her light shine on all that you are and all that you have, reminding you to be grateful.  ~  Shakti Shaman

2 thoughts on “Capricorn Full Moon : Strong Foundation & Stability

    • Hi Karen! I found it truly well suited to my circumstances too! 🙂 I started my new job today, and the energies of this Capricorn Full Moon will be used to recharge/enhance the oils I have recently made relating to this endeavour! I am really excited for tomorrow night! Blessed be ❤

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