Planetary Kalash Puja – for Spiritual Realignment

Namaste and thank you so much for joining me on my journey. It has been a while since I have posted on any of my social medias simply due to my immersion in an 8 day intensive ritual and the changes which have resulted in my life since then. All good things!


For the past few years I have found myself in the middle of what is termed a Graha in Vedic Astrology. It means there is a current dis-harmony in the frequencies between myself and our most Ancient of Celestial Ancestors within this Earth Walk, the planets. If you are aware of your actual time of birth and can complete a Vedic Astrological evaluation, you can have a Brahmin Pundit complete a Graha puja on your behalf. My birth was medically complicated for both mom and myself. Born with a cowl and behind the veil (or not breathing) I was whisked away from my mom, who was going through her own very serious health concerns resulting from the pregnancy. Needless to say, no one has the actual time of my first breath of life. But that does not mean there can’t be something done. It just took some time for me to realize the solution. Dreamwalking to the Spirits with an open mind, heart and truth was the first step.

The answer came. I was to call upon my training with my Brahmin Grandfather and my Island Shamanic training with my Grandmother, and create my version of a traditional Vedic Graha Puja which is designed to appease the Planets and bring us back into alignment.

The puja itself took 3.5 hours, this did not including a month of research and the creation of the ritual itself, nor the hours before the puja for cleaning all of the apartment, from linens to floors and preparation of the traditional offertory foods! The puja itself would take 8 days to complete, a vigil of sorts, to our most ancient of celestial ancestors. It began on the night of the Full Moon/Summer Solstice and all the efforts were totally worth it. The results were swift and true, but my gratitude will be long held and eternal.

The puja was combined with my traditional Shakti Shaman Kalash puja which I normally conduct on New Moon, but it is used to mark any auspicious. The crystals which were utilized in the planetary aspect of the puja, now and will always, form a grid at the base of all my New Moon Kalash Pujas I will do going forward in life, to maintain this balance.

As this is a very sacred and personal process, I have shared a basic introduction to the Graha Puja through the PDF link below, as well as my YouTube video outlining the puja aspects, its purpose and the energies of the Vedic plants called upon, as well as the breakdown of the ritual itself. I have removed any very personal aspects allowing you to …(insert your words)… as needed. Should you choose to do a take on this ritual, I would love to hear from you!

Please click the link below to access the puja details!


To obtain the planetary incense that I purchased, please visit Beth at Essence of the Ages:

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