June 20 : The Magicks held within a Solstice Full Moon

Within my Crystal Skull newsletter there was a great link to an article holding the magicks of this auspicious astrological event.  Below is a reblog of that article, which can be found at it’s original source at: Forever Consciousness

The summer solstice is a potent time of fertility, celebration and self-expression. It is a time to celebrate the masculine energy. The force of action, intention and motivation. It is a time to open our hearts to the light and embrace the vibrancy of nature.

The summer solstice brings forward energy and helps us to step out of our internal state of being and into the light. All that we have contemplated over the winter months can now be shed, and a sense of freedom and lightness can be felt.

Couple all of this with the Full Moon, and this solstice holds more potency. The Full Moon is the time of the goddess, and in many ways, this day will be like the meeting of the Sun God with the Moon Goddess.

It is about the combining of the Masculine with the Feminine in order to create complete harmony. This energetic fusion of Light and Dark is extremely powerful and it is likely that we are going to be shedding more than just our winter coats.

This powerful meeting of the Moon and the Sun is about complete authenticity and exposure. It is about fully and completely releasing all that has been holding us back from this lifetime and previous lifetimes, in order to step into the new.

June 20th is a time of complete rebirth, and if you tune into the hum of your spirit, you may just get an idea as to what is in store for you on the road ahead.

This potent energy will help you to get a clearer understanding of who you are, your purpose and what the next step may be for you.

7 thoughts on “June 20 : The Magicks held within a Solstice Full Moon

    • hi Karen ❤ I will also be working intensely with the energetic gifts of this auspicious time. On the night of the Full Moon and Summer Solstice i will be commencing an 8 day/night Graha (planetary) – Kalash puja/ritual. Once completed I will do posts and videos with details to share :). May your ancestors of blood, land and spirit bless your workings, and guide you well. Namaste xo

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