Source Chakra – Our internal link to Source


In my system of healing and spiritual work, I believe that we all source from the spark of creation, and as we hold that spark within us, we hold the ability to manifest and heal.

Each person has a direct connection to the eternal and ancient source of prana, or life energy within us, connecting us to the Ancient One, our Creator, through time and space. It is the soul connection and how we journey and find our way back home. I also believe that this spark of creation is housed, or sourced, through one of the major Chakras, your Power House, or Source Chakra.

I have generally found that an individual’s Source Chakra is directly related to their strongest gifts for healing and spirit work. For instance, depending on how you ‘source’ your healing, the power-house chakra will either be located:

In your throat chakra : healing through sound, source through communication therapies.
In your heart chakra : healing through empathic gifts, source through compassion
In your solar plexus: healing through intent and strength of will, source through the ‘warrior-healer, teaching others to play an active role in their healing process.
In your sacral chakra: healing through instinct and intuition, source through creative force.

Some individuals will source through multiples chakras as they awaken more of their abilities through either DNA activation, Soul Retrieval, and/or Kundalini Awakening.

When calling to this energy, you must again (like in the shadow work/soul retrieval) turn within. This connection also works amazingly well to begin morning and/or evening devotions/offerings/rituals and the like. It is part of my process for allowing ‘ego’ centric energy to retreat and my Higher-Self to source through and lead the workings. My method of connecting is a little hard to explain, and some aspects may have been omitted, but the basic processes is as follows:

Utilizing mudras and breath work, I feel my own energy moving through the chakras, originating from my powerhouse. Within this space a vortex opens, it is pure darkness but for a spark of pure blue-white light. As I breath this pulse of light ‘breaths’ with me… expanding into my Power House Chakra. I spend time doing ‘self healing’ internally, allowing it to breath throughout my body. During this stage it is clearing stagnant energy and regulating my energy flow. It then expands out to just below my skin.

As I continue to breath with it, it pulsates along my skin and removes attachments and links that do not serve me. Once this process is complete, it simply shimmers around me, in a protective layer. Leaving that layer in place, it slowly moves back to its ‘home’. While this is how I start healing and journey practices, it is also used when I am doing soul retrieval work within myself.

For those who are concerned about the parts omitted, please remember this is my process. Knowing yourself allows you to connect and read your own energy centres, and to find and connect with your Source Chakra. But you have to do this work yourself. I hope this post inspires you to journey within, release ego and connect with your Source.

Namaste, and blessed be.

Shakti Shaman

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