New Moon Winds of Change


There are times we are so focused on a goal or a direction in our lives, that we become blind to the opportunities around us… have you ever had the wind speak to you? She whirls around you, and the leaves, or dust begins to spin.

You shield your eyes and turn away as to avoid getting grit in them. In this instance, she has made you turn to face another direction. Now try as you might, she also managed to get a small speck of dust into your eyes, and they begin to water, your vision now unclear. As you rub them, you remove the obstacles that was in your way, and you realize that you have been turned around. At first disoriented, you notice that your view has changed. As you take in the new view, the new direction, you see for the first time the new possibilities before you.

Sometimes that is all we need.
To step away, and to breath.

The power of the elements… sometimes we forget the range of their influence in our lives, because at times her message may not be quite so subtle. You can spend a lifetime building that metaphoric house, and like the big bad wolf, tired of knocking on your door to get your attention, she huffs and puffs and blows your house down. The bitch! Right?! Wrong 😉

The wind is a kin to the Tower card in the tarot. Sometimes something needs to end that something new can begin. You may not be able to use all the resources you had before, they simply are not available. But as the gale forces came into your life and brought your existence to a halt, momentarily, it also blew in with it other resources. Now it’s the time to shift through the debris of your life and begin building a new. It won’t look the same, but that’s the point. It’s time for change, to embrace the new.

Happy New Moon blessings to you.
May this be the start of wonderful new beginnings.

Blessed be ~ Namaste
Shakti Shaman

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