Wisdom Keeper : Auntie Percision

A storytelling encounter with the Wisdom Keeper: Precision
My journey through the Soul Group: The Ring of No Return

My story began when I received a mysterious package filled with 64 letters and photos from my ancestors, the Wisdom Keepers (Oracle). The photos were of ancestors from all my life times, past, present and yet to be. The first letter revealed a valuable journey to the shadow world to accept a new aspect of my heritage. At the end of that ‘letter’ Grandfather Leadership (card 31 of the Wisdom Keeper Oracle) indicated that he has a companion which he will be sending to me with a story and lesson for me to share.


Her name is Aunty Precision (card 62).

I didn’t know how I might meet her, or what her lesson would be, so it came as a surprise when I finally found her. I was sitting on a park bench overlooking Casa Loma in Toronto with my treasure in hand, and as I reached in and pulled a ‘letter’ from the deck, a beautiful woman in her mid 50’s approached the bench, her smile as easy as her casual, unrushed stroll towards me. Back light by the sun I had to shield my eyes to get a better look at her. You couldn’t help but smile back at her infectious grin.

As she approached, I scuttled to the side and allowed her space to join me. We discussed the weather, and the beauty of this spring day. She then seemed deep in thought as she studied the ‘castle’ high on the hill in Toronto.

She asked me what I see when I look at the castle… As this was a stranger I did hesitate for a minute before giving my sincere answer… magick and possibilities… dreams. She turned to me, and her somber expression transformed into the brightest smile, her eyes sparkling… ‘Good’, she said… ‘good!’ She then told me her story.

Once she believed in fairies and in magick, and saw the beauty and natural flow of the world around her. She loved to dance and did so for pure passion and fun. She told me she would spread out her arms and spin and spin till she was giggling so hard she would hiccup and lose her breath. She use to stay up late at night and read of fairies and magic, and awaken inspired to draw and to create. But then she got quite, her expression sad.

See, as she was told, little girls need to grow up. So she put her dancing shoes away and replaced fairy tales with text books and became the best doctor she could be. Her technique was flawless, her knowledge textbook. As her approach was by the book, so too was her approach to her clients. Everything was handled with precision. By the book. Symptom = Disease = Medicine = Cure….

She was so deep in her head that she missed the main lesson any healer should have. Symptoms don’t lead to the diagnosis of a disease. Dis-Ease lead to the manifestation of the symptoms that we see. She didn’t interact with her patients, and reacted less and less with her own self as a result. Until one day when she meet a patient who turned things around. Literally. This patient asked her, how SHE was. With this one encounter she was forced to stop, and answer what should have been a very simple question. One that she had not thought of in a very long time.

After that encounter she changed the way she ‘doctored’. She put her clipboard down, looked her patients in the eyes and asked them how they were. Not just the immediate symptoms, but what was going on their lives to try and determine the circumstances which may have created the illness. By broadening her focus from the precision of the textbook she was able to embrace the elements around her, and became a better doctor, and person for it.

This card held two messages for me, that I wish to share.

First, I wish to extend the message of this card to your spiritual practice. When you sit at your altar, are you going through the motions? Reading your rites and doing the actions, but no longer connecting with the intent behind it? Are you seeking all your answers in a book, or taking the time to observe the world, sit in nature and connect with the answers within yourself? Are you speaking to the crystals, and listening to their response, or using them as tools in your trade. Are you connecting with the herbs or using them as well? Step out of the book, and into life. Use your eyes to observe, not just read.

The final question I wish to leave you with is a simple one. We are so busy living our lives, and caring for, or meeting the obligations of others, I have to stop for a minute and ask you… dear reader… how are YOU feeling? Sincerely. Putting aside the check list of things you are trying to rush through, and your thoughts for the responsibilities you have, and the people counting on you… I ask again, how are YOU feeling?

It is time for me to bid farewell to the Soul Group of No Return, and select the new group I am to learn from and journey with. That group is: The Ring of the Whirlpool, where I should meet my Auntie Revolution and an Uncle by the name of Freedom! (Cards 49 and 55 of the Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck)

Till next time, I bid you moments of surrender to the magick all around you.
See it with your eyes, embrace it in your arms, and manifest it with your will.

Blessed be!
Kayla Alyssa

6 thoughts on “Wisdom Keeper : Auntie Percision

  1. Loving these Wisdom Keeper posts! I recently acquired a set of the Wisdom Keepers for myself, which I am finding to be a beautiful addition to my other decks.


    • Hi Lorita! I am in love with this deck… it truly feels like found letters from ancestors! The deck is definitely an amazing shadow work tool… if you release and allow yourself time to be honest with yourself! Not always easy. Thank you very much for the positive feedback! Namaste, Kayla

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A shadow work tool is something I will be looking into closer to fall. I’m ready and I’m not! I’m still concentrating on opening chakras, patience in manifesting, (sitting in sacred space longer and better concentration/flow) and feeling a balance within. This way I’m starting a deeper descent on “firmer” ground. Does that make any sense?! Time to surrender to all the beauty as I take my walk to the park.


    • Hi Shelley, I have found that shadow work and soul retrieval can be done at anytime spirit needs it. I do heavy work in the fall/winter, but as she calls me now, I am journeying to heal 🙂 One thing I have found is the energy body work is not as important as the emotional/mental work, for me. I look forward to learning more about your journey experience! Travel safe xo


      • Hi Shelley, it is up to you to decide that 🙂 I am simply sharing my own path. I have found for me the journey of shadow work and/or soul retrieval deal with emotions that I have blocked, hidden or ignored, usually for a reason. In the past when I first started journeying I found that if I didn’t do the emotional prepwork to prepare myself to face these emotions, or situations then I personally have found I can end up taking two steps backwards. The process I do now helps me determine I am ready to go forward. Each person handles things differently, it will be unique to you, so I can’t guide you in this respect. If clearing your chakras and getting your energy bodies in order first is what your higher-self is guiding you to do, then that is exactly what you should be doing. 🙂 I have a few articles under Journeying, and Shadow Journeying that may help you, but again please keep in mind this is my journey, and not a how to, but some of my ideas may resonate with you, some might not. Sometimes reading someone else’s experience may confirm to you that their way is not the right way for you, and your gut instinct should be followed, for that is truly all that matters. It is YOUR journey after all 🙂 I wish you safe travels on your road to recovery, self-discovery and being whole XO ❤ XO Namaste beautiful soul!


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