A bit of a ramble, and a few thoughts on the concept of free will, soul contracts and…. finding the right job. Do you ever wonder why, no matter how hard you work at something, circumstances seem to prevent you from moving in a given direction? I have.

My belief is that we enter each incarnation, with a purpose, or a soul contract. We are meant to make a difference in this world, but at times it can be very easy to get caught up in the mundane life we must lead in tangent with this soul purpose.

Let’s face it, we have to make a living, but how we chose to do that can sometimes be in direct opposition of our sacred purpose and energy vibrations, causing illness. For example, I do bookkeeping for a living, and can find work in any industry, but I have found that spirit has a way of nudging me off a path I have chosen. While it may not always be clear at the time, sometimes when setbacks happen, it’s for a reason.

Spirit has had a hand in my employment issues for a while now, the more I spiritually advance, the more meddlesome She can be at times, like now, but I know there is a greater reason for these obstacles. I have found that she will often pull me up by the ears, and set me right when I have accepted a position that takes me really off track. This does not mean She hands me the job I need, I know the process in itself is part of my lessons, but she has a way of making sure I don’t stay in a job that I shouldn’t. Since I know my job inside and out, failure to perform is never an out. So, she has found another way to pull me out. For example.. over the years….

If I accept a job without considering the energy within the field of work, I have found that when it is not a business I can support, (example, a criminal law firm where they get excited each time a ‘return’ client escalates in his criminal activity because it means he may one day bring them a murder case…? true story… I get sick. – Spirit says, move on.

If it is an acceptable environment, but requires serious overtime, taking me away from time to commit to my spiritual work. I get sick. – Spirit says, move on.

If, as I most recently have, settle for a job that will just financially get me by, but has seriously limited funds available for my spiritual endeavours, while ironically providing much time to work on concepts and ideas… I get sick. – Spirit says, move on. So once again, I am back on the employment merry-go-round.

So while I am able to make the decisions with respect to where my journey goes, I believe that Spirit places detours, mudslides, sinkholes and the like within your path to keep you on the ultimate track. Very much like a Mother who says the choice is yours, but then waits for you to stumble, but then out of the blue, is there to catch you…Granted, if you keep making the same mistakes that can quickly turn into: She waits for you to fail, so you can learn the lessons needed.  So yes, you have free will, I believe this to be true.. and that statement alone supports this belief, but, at times Spirit may need to kick us in the ass, to remind us that there is a bigger picture, and we are a part of it. My ass has recently been kicked, again. It smarts. But that means there is another lesson I need to embrace, or one I have yet to grasp.

This post has been a simple one, of heartfelt sharing for those, like myself, who keep getting knocked on your ass. There will be no ‘woo-is-me’, no room for ‘victim-energy’, nor self doubt, just answers to seek from deep within, that we may find the truth we need to know, and allow this knowledge out.

My final message is simple, and far from original: Never give up.

When the tides change unexpectedly, it just means you were off course, and Spirit is setting things right. Adjust your sails, get your bearings, and look to the horizon, for now there is a whole new adventure to be had. New choices to be made, which you will hopefully allow past lessons to influence… or be prepared for another ass dropping 😉

Right now I find I’m steering my ship into the shadow lands, and calling to the ancestors, I accept their offered hand May they help me see the lessons so mistakes I don’t repeat, and help me find the right currents for the path that I should seek.

I then will raise my sails again, and on the tides I’ll flow, towards the right horizon, to meet our mutual goals. For in all things there must be, a balance within life, between our mundane responsibilities and nurturing our spiritual light.

So it seems I end this post on an unexpected rhyme! But for now I bid you safe journeys until we meet next time.

😉 ~ Love, me!


  1. You are very wise. I suffered through jobs that i should’ve left much sooner than I did. The ad agency that ad no ethics, for example, but that was early on my path, when I thought spirituality and “real life” were separate. HAHAHAHAHA.

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  2. I love you, too, KaylaB. Maybe failure to perform isn’t a bad option? I think that’s what quitting is. I often go for the unpopular answer and at least ‘consider’ it. Our minds can trick us all the time, and they often do. I had a disc herniation that took me away from my massage practice, but that was also after I made the decision to move across country and trust the energy that is moving me. SO. YOU are SO LOVED ❤ Blogworld likes you. Wishing you all your heart truly desires! Ka


    • Awee, xo<3xo Ka! I should have elaborated on "Since I know my job inside and out, failure to perform is never an out." I've never left a job because I was unable to perform my duties, generally, I do my job too well, and get more and more responsibility added, which in turn takes away from my spiritual pursuits and adds to my ill health. So, I think, and I see this with a lot of people (as it seems you too have had this experience) illness, or dis-ease is our wake up call to make the changes to get us back on the right course… this was a rather personal blog… hmmm… so was my last one. Have to admit, it feels pretty exposed to share so much, but at the same time, so many others have and in the process helped me, or made me feel like I'm not the only one… I hope I can give some of that comfort back 🙂 I have been meaning to ask if you also have a YouTube channel? Have a wonderful day Ka, Aloha Spirit Ohana ❤


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