On the concept of Souls, and Shifters

hqdefaultOn the concept of souls and being a shifter… Hollywood has a lot to answer for!

Within the first few days of me returning to Facebook, I was asked my opinion on what is a soul, how did we come into being…. Well that is a heady question that theologist, creationist, anthropolist and spiritual leaders, as well as your everyday individual, like myself, has contemplated at one point or another. I cannot, and will not answer that question for anyone, because the response is unique to you, and requires each individual to sit with their own truth. It is your mythos.

I can, however, share my story.

Somewhere at the beginning of time and space, the Creator brought forth a wave of energy. As unlimited in its complexity and source of power as the Ancient One Herself. Just as the waves of the ocean bring forth to the shore aspects held within it, so too did this wave bring forth aspects of the Creator. The seeds, or stardust, which would form the universe and the souls within it. Ever expanding, as galaxies formed and died, the star energy within continues to traverse from planet to planet, shifting between dimensions, within time, and within forms of life.

From the beginning of time souls were born out of these experiences. Bursting forth from the primordial AUM, or expanding out of each star that went Super Nova Some are still being created, cradled along with galaxies within Stellar Nurseries. Some drew their first breath within this Earth walk, on a planet I (for now) call home.

Therefore, some are ancient, some are but a few million years old, and some have been brought to life within this lifetime… fresh, new and full of potential, oh how I wish you safe passages on your many journeys to come!

We are not humanoid in shape, but formless until we reside within a vessel, a body temple. So a truer description would be not that we are shapeless, but that we hold all potential forms. Our DNA is like our kindred of water and quartz, able to hold the memory of the lifetimes lived, and the lessons afforded to us. We ARE the Akashic Records. It is the Collective Consciousness of the Souls of the Universe. At times, these souls forget their origins, and they sleep, but the wisdom remains and becomes part of the Souls’ Collective Unconscious. All can be accessed, and all can be awoken.

My spirit holds and remembers the energies which form it. Sourced from AUM, seeded by the Soul Group of Compassion, I am ready to serve as teacher and guide, and containing the wisdom and instincts of feral warriors, I am ready to serve as protector.

I have been created to see with the eyes of the Raptors, and must remember my training to be patient with the actions of others. Using my ability to circle high, and see the potential outcomes of actions that others may make, and I may take. To have the wisdom to then respond with the greater good of a situation in mind, rather than striking fast and reacting at a loss.

I have been created to walk in Community as Wolf, and must remember my training to lead without ego. The alpha position is not a solitary one. We must remember to gather and learn from each other, not just preach to each other. Fighting to win, is truly a loss, for all. Accepting differences, and leading with compassion with a watchful eye for protection holds true to this warrior, to this wolf. For in the end, I am there to service my pack, they are not there to service me.

I have been created to walk as my true authentic self, seeding from the solar plexus of this body temple as Jaguar Spirit. The story here remains between me and my Creator.

There are many more ‘energies’ and ‘beings’ which have added to my Soul’s journey and will continue to do so. I have shared the experiences which you would be most familiar with. That of a Shamanic Shifter. Do I physically shift? No. Do I spiritual shift? Yes. A shifter simply remembers the energies which sparked her into existence, and can call upon those memories to be her true authentic self. If you were to attempt to draw my soul, it would not come close to resembling any creature you have seen, yet it would hold elements of several that you know.

My story sources from AUM, within the Soul Group of Compassion.
Within this earth walk, my voice is my instrument. I am healer, teacher and warrior.
I am more, and yet, I am still forming.

Namaste, from one Star Child to another.

2 thoughts on “On the concept of Souls, and Shifters

    • Namaste sister! I am so glad to receive your encouragement ❤ I hope one day you will find the words to share with me, as I know I will end up learning and awakening more because of it!


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