The Unknown Ancestor – A Wisdom Keeper Worth Meeting

The unknown ancestor… a wisdom keeper worth meeting
You are remembered, one and all.
Your journey continues through this witch’s call.

I recently purchased a wonderful Oracle Deck called “The Wisdom Keepers”, and the images upon the cards inspired me to think beyond the traditional call to the ancestors that I have done for decades.

I dedicate this post to the Wisdom kept within the stories of the
Unknown Ancestors.

I truly believe that in all things and in all ways, we are connected. Our ancestry extends beyond the blood line we carry within this earth walk, for our soul – or spirit, is a spark from the beginning of time, as we have traveled with Creation through Her multitude of universes, and planes of existence. In this way, we are our own ancestors, but more so, we are all connected.

When we call to the ancestors, we tend to focus on those of our blood line. Some of shamanic and wise craft paths extend this welcome and acceptance to the ancestors who walked the spiritual path we share with them, for their guidance is vital to our development. Others, like myself, extend this further to the ancestors of our land. Those who fought for the freedom of the countries we call home, regardless of place of birth (in this earth walk) and of those who farmed the lands, cultivated a connection with the spirit medicine of the flaura and fauna which offer us healing and sustenance.

Most have given birth to a legacy, children to remember them. Their faces are found within distant family albums, or within the stories shared around the cemeteries during Dia de los Muertos, or in silent communion during the Dumb Supper. But what about the one, who walked alone? Who remembers them? I vow to.

This year, there will be an extra plate set out for the month and ½ that I journey intensely with the ancestors. One for my Mama & Papa, one for my recently passed Auntie, and one for the Unknown Ancestor. I extend this welcome with the use of this wonderful Oracle Deck, as I pull a card to get guidance from my known ancestors, I will also pull one to gain wisdom from the unknown ancestor…. for none should be forgotten.

“The Unknown Ancestor”

She was the unknown soldier
who scarified a life, so that we may live free.
He was the man who volunteered at the soup kitchen,
to give comfort to those souls forgotten among the living.

They are the dedicants,
giving a live in service, quietly walking a solitary existence.
Let their journey be remembered,
and their wisdom called forth to be shared from beyond the veil.

In perfect love, and perfect trust, you are welcome here.
With harm to none, journey safe.
Blessed be.

Kayla Alyssa Baboolal

To Journey with the Wisdom Keepers, please enter their portal here.

10 thoughts on “The Unknown Ancestor – A Wisdom Keeper Worth Meeting

  1. So beautiful! I am still learning to call to my ancestors, how to ask for their guidance.The wisdom on the faces above look so very inviting and comforting.

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    • Hi Shelley, the beauty of ancestral workings is there is truly no right or wrong way. It comes from your heart, so the only teacher you need to learn from is yourself ❤ and the only guidance that matters is from your ancestors! I would love to know how you do your practice, if you are open to sharing. It is a truly private thing for most, and I respect that.


  2. Also looking for deeper ancestor connection. Thank you for this post! I am crafting a doll, bit by bit with guidance, to help focus my intent. As you say, there are many ancestors to honor and call upon, if we choose, and especially those connected with the land.


    • I love the idea of ‘crafting a doll’! Do you have a post on this? Please share the link here! ❤ This year I am adding a few new workings to my ancestral/shadow/soul retrieval work for the fall/winter…. it plans to be intense. I hope to share the experience when appropriate :), with you all here and on YT 🙂

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  3. I realized last night in a drum journey meditation that I do not know my ancestors…heck I didn’t even know my parents, really. I just purchased this lovely deck and so excited to play! Thank you!

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    • Hi Denise, the beauty of the spirit world is, even if you don’t know them (yet!), they do know you! 🙂 I am so excited that you are opening the veil to meet them! Namaste ❤


  4. Reblogged this on Fireside Witch and commented:

    T’is the season to remember…. As the veil thins and those we love come to mind, I thought it was a good time to do a re-blog to remember those who stood alone, Let spirit feel unloved, unremembered or unworthy. Namaste


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