Reflections #2: Honey is Home

The gifted words in poetry, and wisdom by one of my favorite bloggers. ❤

Fiesta Estrellas

Give me honey
Any day
And I’ll find a place for
Sweet to counter the bitter.

We move through our days
Trying to keep our stories
On the margin of our memories
Trying to be present to
What we encounter in the moment.

As I have,
We just move on.

Or is it that life moves on,
and we can choose at any moment,
to recognize that even if others don’t see it

everything is different.


The above image is an older sketch-experiment from the 1990s. In the days to come I will share some more pieces from my old collection.

Currently there are a few planets transiting through Taurus. We are embracing this New Moon in Taurus and drawing in conscious breaths, sending our roots deeply into the earth.

Today is a new day.

Meanwhile a few planets are in retrograde motion (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto). I am sifting through my past…

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