The Power of Words


People often fear Pagans. They feel that Shamans, Witches, Houngans, and Mambos can cast spells on them. The truth is, spells are cast by mundanes every day with profound effects on the quality of your life. All they need are words and intentions, and the hope that you will react, rather than respond to what is said.

I was having a conversation today with a coworker about the power of the words spoken to us as children by parents, who hold tremendous power over us, or by bosses who hold the same power as we enter the work force. By lovers, and by siblings. Teachers and service professionals.

Everyone has power over everyone, as long as we observe the world through ego.

As a child, many attempts were made to make me feel unworthy, unattractive, and lacking in intelligence. Attempts were made… but for the most part (not completely) failed.


Because I was always able to step back from the ego, and feel the energy of the person. Is it their own insecurities being projected forward? Deflect. That was my first go to as a kid. Then, because we do live in the mundane world, I stepped back into ego, and took action. I made a choice to respond, not react. Someone else cannot define me. But they can motivate me 😉

The same person who use to attempt to bring my vibrations down to their level, was also the same person who taught me a very good quote, “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. It was his way of saying “I’m not doing this to you, I’m not abusing you, you are doing it to yourself” Tiddy little out, don’t ya think?!

Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for me, I took that quote to heart, and learned a valuable lesson, granted (and thankfully) not the negative ones that could have crippled me and made me a very different person today.

Words have power, but the truth is, the power does not come from the person speaking them, they come from within you. How you chose to respond (not react) to them.

Prove them right, or prove them wrong. The choice is yours.

Write your own spell. Create your own existence. Own your Inner Power.
Namaste, in Service,

Shakti Shaman
Your Fireside Witch

9 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. Especially important these days. It seems like many people have no filter on what they say. Not necessarily viciously, but surely all the thoughtless words lead to more chaotic energy.


    • Very true, Karen! I believe that sound carries different vibrations, and that words will therefore each hold these vibrations (much research has been done to support this), so when someone choices lower vibrational/negative energy to ‘share’ (can I return that please 😉 ) it affects both them and others around them. Even those who are not the target, but will respond or react to what they witness. Thank you for sharing your time with me and sharing your thoughts on my post. Namaste ❤

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  2. I’m thinking about this post. Most kids, I believe, do not have access to wisdom as you did. Many adults struggle with the results of early wounding, and words just add pain often. Complex.


    • I agree 100%, hence the “almost” in my post. I still struggle with the verbal conditioning that person tried to instill in me, or that society does for my differences, or what they consider lackings, but constant spiritual work, and journeying all year helps me. As do my spiritual kin within the animal, plant and minieral worlds. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and for the very heartfelt and deep response. You are always graciously welcome in my sacred space. Namaste, Kayla


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