Inner Worlds – Outer Worlds : Part 1 : Akasha

Akasha: “The etheric field that extends through all things.”

There is a four part series I found on YouTube that is so amazing to me. It shows not just how science and spirituality overlap at their core, but also that the root of all spiritual and religious practices do as well. It shows how we are connected not just to each other, but to the universe as a whole. This post, and the ones to follow will provide a link to each of the four aspects of this series, followed by my thoughts. I would you to share your comments on how you perceived the vides as well. ~ Namaste.

I have begun to view Akasha as our Cosmic DNA. It is the sound of creation which ignited all of our soul existence. But more so, like all DNA, within us Akasha holds the spiritual link not just to the Creator, but to each other. We are but a fractal of the whole, and forever trying to understand our place within it.

Animist believe that all things have a spirit, a soul, and that we are all connected through a universal invisible web. Our mind tends to focus on patterns to find understanding, a connect within the whole. But as we focus in on an aspect of something, we lose the overall big picture, the whole that is offered. To comprehend a fractal with our senses is to therefore limit its movement. This is very much like using words to define a person. Before I heard of Kierkegaard and his words of wisdom stating: “if you name me you negate me, by giving me a name or a label you negate all the possibilities that I may be”, there was my Papa. I heard of this concept, from my Papa, grandfather, when as a teen I asked him ‘what do you call mama, how do you define what she does’…. His response was, ‘there is no name or label for what mama is, if you label something you limit it’. He stood in great company with his philosophy.

This extends to perception as well. When we observe the state of a flower, we are removing it from space and time, and capturing a moment. But that flower has already passed that moment of perception and has continued to change, evolve and grow, or perhaps decay. I find we can do this to individuals as well. While the mind is a wonderful thing, capable of so much, it is by our nature of trying to comprehend our world, that we at times limit it.

“The ancient vedics taught Nada Brahma, the universe is vibration, which is at the heart of all spiritual/science. It is that connection within us, Akasha, the primodial OM.” – narrative excerpt from video.

The universal dance… it is lead by sound/vibration. The big bang of creation itself. Within the Animists universal web, sound vibrations are carried from you to all, and in turn, you are the recipient of the vibrations created by others. Some individuals are more tuned into this naturally, the vibrations of the universe. They can feel the energy within the body, and make great healers, or feel the energy vibrations of words/emotions, generally they are referred to as empaths, and they can make great counselors.

Cymatics, which is the study of invisible sound, is a great way to understand how sound and vibration can affect you and your universe. From the studies of Ernst Chladni, Hans Jenning, and Masaru Emoto, (to name a few), we have scientific proof illustrating that sound and unheard vibrational frequencies can affect structural creation. Water in particular, which is the largest component of the earth, and all life on it, can receive and hold onto vibration instantaneously. This means that the vibrations we expose ourselves, our animals, lifestock and plants to are also affected on a cellular level. Do you want those vibrations to be cries of anquish, sorror, pain, or laughter filled with joy and love?

I remember both my mom and Mama would hum or sing as she prepared food back home in Trinidad. I never paid it much mind as a child, but it always made me smile as I passed by. It wasn’t until I was a teenager and spent significant time visiting other relatives that I realized that my aunts also sang in the kitchen! More so, I found myself doing the same thing. I can’t help but wonder if this is that extra something, that special ingredient, that makes the same dish taste so different when prepared by different people. The vibrations of love. Now, when I am not well, or need added strength in an area of my life, I sing mantras as I stir my pot. A little magic in spirit and science never hurt! 🙂

There is no question, music, sounds, vibrations affect us. I remember the first time I experienced this on a deeper spiritual level. I was in attendance at a Spiritual gathering and one of the Tribes has a Didgeridoo. He instructed me to stand in front of the instrument and as he blew into it, he allowed it to span my body from head to toe and back again. I never experienced anything like that! It was truly amazing. I felt like everything that was blocking my own vibrational nature was shattered away. Since then, I started using sound vibrations as part of my spiritual offerings. It is the first thing I do when I sit down for morning and evening ritual, clearing my space with sound.

In Hinduism that sound of creation, Akasha, is referred to as OM, or AUM. Within it, are the sounds of creation, sustainability, and destruction, to be repeated, never ending.

The final part of the video takes this concept of OM, and moves it from sound to shapes. The research conducted by the scientist above illustrated how sound affects creation by showing how different vibrations automatically form different patterns, from the shell of a tourtoise, to the spots on a leopard, or the spiraling pattern of seeds within a sunflower.

I often speak about going ‘off book’ when working with crystals. Stating that we each vibrate at different frequencies, and as a result the same crystal will react differently to different people. This is why. We all know that crystals have different core structures; patterns of creation. This represents the vibrations of their creation.

One structure in nature, the tetrahedron, is the only self-stabilizing construct found. It is seen in several religious and spiritual paths around the world. I know it as the union between Shiva and Shakti; the duality within. But this post is getting way to long! As you can see, the video is truly inspirational. I can’t wait for you to share how it inspired you along your path.

May you dance to the beat of Shiva’s drum, embracing the Shakti within.

Jaguar Spirit,
your Shakti Shaman

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