Gratitude, a way out of the darkness.

I wish to extend my own Gratitude to all those who are journeying with me, with a follow-up to this post! 🙂 Please join me on YouTube for a “Gratitude Grows” Giveaway. I am excited to pay forward the support you have shown me as we travel together with the ancestors and Spirit.

Namaste ❤

Giving gratitude. It is sometimes done when you have received something you wish for, forgotten when things are going well, and rejected during times of struggle, or sorrow.

Life throws us curve balls, and we can at times find ourselves in a well. The depth may vary, and within that depth, the play of light available to guide us out is affected.

We must remember that we are energy, life, and a source of light within this world. We have the strength to find our own way.

It is at these times, that you have to struggle to reclaim your strength, to not give up, or give in. When you feel you are at a low point, find strength through gratitude. Dig as deep as the well you are in, for anything in your life which still brings you joy, peace, laughter, and sustain you.

My life has taken me…

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