We are a gift from Mother Gaia


We often hear at funerals the expression: Ashes to Ashes.
There is so much truth to this, for we are born of the earth, and return to Her.
The first ancestor that we all share is Mother Gaia.
Build from the Earth, we are a reflection of Her, created in Her image.
From the richness of her body, she provides plants to heal ours.
May we in turn heal Her.


The waters of the earth sustain us, the blood of Mother Gaia, is life.
She holds us safe within the waters of the womb, our cradle of creation,
We are nourished through Her life sustaining milk
which flows from springs and wells deep within Her.
May we in turn keep Her pure.


The first gift we receive upon our birth fills our lungs with life force.
It is Her Prana which we take in, her breath which sustains us.
She provides flight for our minds to soar as the falcons,
And provides clarity of sight through visions.
May we keep her skies clear and true.


Fueled by the fires of the earth,
creation itself is mirrored in all that we create within our lives.
She is the transformative powers in our body to heal,
In our mind to manifest, and in our spirit to live.
May we remember that we now co-create this world with Her.

Spirit Crafted by Shakti Shaman – the Fireside Witch
Kayla Baboolal (c) 2016

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