I refer to this healing gift of spirit from the Earth as the Phoenix Root, for her energy is a constant reminder that we can rebirth and reclaim the strength within us, allowing us to recreate our lives through healing, with spirit.

More than just for manifestation, she is a gift of healing and has been my companion in workshops I have created to honour the transitions through a woman’s life cycle, for journeying as a portal to other realms, and for self healing.

A symbol of the womb, her energy has added meaning to rituals of menses, where a young woman’s womb begins it’s journey to prepare for mother-hood. Her spirit helps the wise elder of our community see that while her blood may no longer shed, she still holds the ability to manifest creation.  She is still alive, and needs to acknowledge the wisdom her path has provided, and the potential for creation which still exists within.

A symbol of the cauldron, she sits on the crossroads opening up the portal to the upper realm of the Ancestors.  She is the forest mound  we travel through to enter the middle realm which  connects us to the Spirit of our kindred, and the medicines of the plants and animals who guide us along our calling. She is the cave within the earth that allows us to journey to the lower realm of the Shamanic Healer.

A gift of healing, you hold her within the palms of your hand. She mirrors your emotions, your tension, your anger…. all the things which do no serve you. All the energy that holds you confined and tight and tenses. Breath your worries, sorrow, and petition for release of the burdens which restrict your energy flow and do not serve your higher-self into her heart, her roots… place her within the cauldron of healing and sit in meditation with her. As she stretches out, her leaves unfurling, exhale and feel your tensions releasing. As she expands and grows, pushing away her retrains and restrictions, know that yours too are moving past you, and no longer hold you down, hold you back.

Above all else, remember that she is a life, and contains spirit. She works with you, not for you. The gifts of the Earth are not tools for our use. Allow her to bathe under a full moon, and recharge under the New. Show her respect, and she will honour her part in service to heal.

In service,

Jaguar Spirit,
the Fireside Witch.

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