Full Moon – April 22, 2016

Another beautiful post from Ara at the GoddessCircle.Net


The Full Moon occurs at 12:23 am CST on April 22 bringing us deep into the mysteries of Scorpio.

The messages of Scorpio are not ones to dabble only on the surface; they are drawing inquiry from the depths of our being.

The light of this Full Moon is asking us deep questions in regards to our soul connections on this planet. It is asking us if we are seeking sacred union in this world, have we taken the time to unite with ourselves first? We must be whole within ourselves if we ever want that same wholeness in our partnerships and unions.

There’s been a lot of shadow coming to the surface with what has been rising lately, and it’s going to continue, with the positive being that as we move forward we are seeing with so much clarity from our past experiences.

This moon brings to our attention how much we have changed and all the transformation that we have gone through in the last few years. Like a Phoenix risen from the ashes, you likely don’t look the same as you once did, totally reborn in the fire of the changes that have came into your world.

The light of this moon asks us where are we refusing to settle in regards to the deep soul connections we crave. What are we willing to leave behind in the baggage of the past? Are we ready to dare to risk for the possibility of something much greater?

Full Moon blessings,
Ara ~ Goddess Circle

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