Crystals to Journey with.


This is an introduction to some of the crystals I use in my healing and journeying practices.  Some of the information is text book, and taken from the list of books sourced on the Crystal Intro Page on the website, but mostly, I am sharing how I work with them.

First, I would like to share a video from my YouTube Channel which explains how crystals became a part of my path, it was not something I ever gave much thought to, but when Source wants to send you a message the equivalent to a cosmic 2×4, you don’t argue 🙂


Working with the throat chakra, it strengthens and amplifies the vibrations of speech. As it also Instills clarity of thought and an unwavering intent with regards to the ideas and goals which matter most, it is a great stone for working with affirmations and manifestation of their goals as it helps not just amplify your intentions, but keeps you focused on the goal and your required efforts.

This throat stones helps at all levels, and in several ways, for those who require communication assistance in their work or personal lives:

– The stone of the diplomat, it aids anyone who has to supervise or manage individuals in working through conflicts or negotiations.
– All good speakers, must be active listeners, and blue lace agate also assists thowe who tend to speak before thinking, giving them time to assimilate the vocal vibrations of others, allowing a response, rather than a reaction.
– It aids in calming anxiety within the throat, caused by fear of public speaking.
– Most importantly, it helps those who have a fear of being judged for speaking their truth, find their voice.

Writers can also benefit from the energy of this stone, as it is another form of communication. It can aid with writers block, and enhances the creativity of the user.

But it is also a stone of truth. The vibrations are of a pure and higher vibrational energy, I would not recommend it if you wish to find an easy way to spin an yarn, or deceive another for it is a stone for the enhancement of loyalty and trustworthiness.

My personal connection to this stone happened the first time I saw it at Geologic Gallery. Ancestral connections. Because my stone is covered in a layer of druzy stone, she gives the appearance of stars sparkling in a pre-dawn, or pre-dusk sky. As each of the facets were brought to life by the lights around us, I felt like the souls of my ancestors were winking hello. I actually use this stone in to charge my Ancestral Journey Crystal Skull. When not in service, I place the skull on the window sill with the Blue Lace Druzy Agate behind her, and allow the sun and moon light to carry energy, healing, love and messages back and forth between them. She serves not me, but the crystal skull.

♥ Throat (5th) Chakra ♥ Communication ♥ Writers Block ♥
♥ Dispel Fear of Public Speaking ♥ Reduce Anxiety ♥
♥ Manifest Affirmations ♥ Calms & Centers ♥ Diplomacy ♥ Trustworthiness ♥



Zeolites are a family of minerals and related minerals, which, in my baby contains apophyllite (white and green) and pink stilbite. combined on the same matrix results in the combination of their powers. Zeolites are cleansing stones which aid by absorbing and removing toxins, from both the environment and individuals. As a result they are a strong healing stone, and are used in conjunction with Reiki.

“Stilbite has a tonic effect on the mind and energy field. It assists in clearing debris from the aura and helps one gain mental focus by shielding the mind from external influences or unconscious physic information. Within this state of clear thought, Stilbite helps one decide what one wishes to create in one’s life and plan a path to the attainment of those dreams.”
Stilbite helps with psychic knowing and intuition, aiding psychic direction and providing a conduit for spirit guides, and totem animals. “When used in mediation, stilbite clusters can bring about a gradual expansion of the sense of self, starting in the heart center and gradually increasing until one has grown past the confines of the body, while helping keep you connected to it by a cord of light. It provides a calm and effortless expansion of consciousness into the astral realm and beyond that to the other dimensions.

Like Stilbite, the spiritual connection of Apophyllite makes it an excellent helper crystal for deep meditation, mystical vision, and inter-dimensional or astral travel. The special talent of Apophyllite is to help one remain conscious and aware on this plane during these travels and meditations, helping one see the truth, and understand how to act on.

Green apophyllite resonates with the abundance of life force on the earth taping into the energies of rebirth, healing and growth. It’s strong connection to the earth spirits makes it an ideal stone to aid in communication with plant and animal life forces and spirits. For those working with plant medicine in healing and spiritual work, this stone is ideal. Calling on its base line powers of apophyllite, it can open doorways to other dimensions, it’s green energy allows you to connect through these portals to plant and animal spirits of both the earth and other dimensions, to gain a truer and broader scope of knowledge on healing and magickal workings. p.44 Book of Stones.

Based on their combined energies, this cluster enhances my journeying work and dream work with my herbal spirit family. It aids in our connection, helping me see which herbs I should be working with, and in what way for my spiritual development, and healing practice.

♥ Clears the energy fields of mind and body. ♥
♥ Opens Portals ♥ Aids Journeying ♥ Tethers astral body. ♥
♥ Aids communication with spirits. ♥
♥ Rebirth, Healing, Growth ♥


Promotes a sense of balance, while cleansing both your energy bodies, and the energies within the space you are working within.

For those who are beginners at journeying or have concerns about releasing into meditation or trance work, this stone can assist in fortifying strength and confidence as it helps you open yourself to new visions.

In distance healing, I use this stone as the central stone in healing grids for elderly suffering with osteoporosis and/or osteoarthritis, and recommend it for any crone altar, not just for the healing energy it can provide, but because it opens up channels to begin the reconnection and reintegration of the soul with source. In general, I have find that those who may not have lived a dedicated spiritual life, feel the need to reconnect in the later stages of life to something greater than themselves. I refer to it as the call home. This stone will aid that connection.

In the mundane world, aragonite can assist whose in positions of authority who have a hard time delegating, by teaching patience, flexibility and tolerance helping you accept that your way is not the only way to achieve an end result. It helps you let go and trust others to assist towards the common goals set.

♥ Third Eye ♥ Crown Chakra ♥ Soul Star ♥ Stellar Gateway ♥
♥ Compassion ♥ Forgiveness ♥ Spiritual Purification ♥
♥ Delegate ♥ Discipline ♥ Reliability ♥ Flexibility ♥
♥ Tolerance ♥ Acceptance ♥


“Herkimer Diamonds are powerful allies for astral travel, dimensional shift and other unconventional inner exploration methods.” (p.193 Book of Stones.) it is for this reason that it is one of the stones I use with journeying, shadow work and soul retrieval. This particular twin allows me to attune one to myself, and allows my Spirit Animal to attune the other to its energy and frequency.

Due to their internal structure, Herkimers are ideal for both sending and receiving energy and therefore messages. Each of the Herkimers within my Twin cluster, contain portal windows which links us in travel, and provides a location to store the information needed for retrieval after I have returned from journeying, and prepare to carry the process of recall in dream state. As a result of the twinning energy of the cluster, I have found that I get two perspectives in dreamtime, one from my higher self, and the other from my spirit animal.

From a healing perspective, Herkimers are great stones to use to connect other stones in healing grids, and are especially affective in chakra alignment layouts. They have the ability to magnify the energy of small stones, and amplify the energy of gentle ones, while providing a smooth transition along the alignment grid.

♥ Spiritual Connections ♥ Assists Dream work and Journeying ♥
♥ Chakra Clearing and Alignment ♥
♥ Grounding ♥ Energizing ♥ Understanding Lessons for Healing ♥


Silver sheen obsidian imparts patience, perseverance and helps connect the astral body with the physical body.

As a pre meditation or journeying stone, it can assist in psychic clearing of the auric field of disharmony, negative attachments, and one’s own lower vibration emotions which can impede journeying, which makes this wand ideal for pre-flight body scans. As it also aids in removing any entities that might get through your defences while journeying, I would recommend using it as a post-flight scan as well.

As a meditation or journey stone, the silver ‘sheens’ provide a wonderful three dimensional state within the crystal, allowing you to journey within. As a grounding stone, it tethers you to your physical body during any form of journeying, while providing you a protective shield while in flight.

General aspects of Obsidian:
In shadow work, ”it leads one to an understanding and acceptance of the darker side of one’s nature, so that aspect can be evolved” into it’s useful counterpart, or eliminated from your emotional patterning and it is one of the gridding stones I use in my shadow journey work. (Naisha Ahsian, P. 268, The Book of Stones)

In chakra alignment for those who have innate higher vibrational frequencies, it is a great stone to use on the upper chakras. For individual like me who fall into this category, it means that our higher chakras are quite open and spinning at a faster speed than our lower chakras. The alignment of stones for us will be almost the reverse of the normal layout as outlined in most western books. I will address this in a separate video and/or post at a later date, but essentially, ‘grounding’ stones which help tether higher frequencies into the body are highly recommended for leveling out our energies.

In general sheen obsidians are said to enhance worldly success through the expression of hidden talents and unique skills.

♥ Protection ♥ Shielding ♥ Grounding ♥
♥ Provides an anchor or tether during flight. ♥
♥ Shadow Work ♥ Hidden Talents ♥



While the amethyst aids in connecting you to the spiritual realms and the information awaiting you there, the Citrine helps you manifest the knowledge into your waking consciousness, effectively removing blockages and resistance to the actions needed. Essentially, the stones connect the third eye and the solar plexus.

It both facilitates and protects astral travel and relives psychic-attacks.

Brings insight into causes of dis-ease.
Stimulates the Brain – Enhances learning and creativity.
Helps one overcome fear of action or progress.
Helps overcome self-sabotage and procrastination.
Helps one develop a strong sense of one’s own power and potential, release the sway of others over you.

Assists with digestive issues and helps to stimulate metabolism, making it a great crystal to infuse water for those wishing to regulate their weight.

♥ Removes Fear & Resistance to Change ♥
♥.Increases Self-awareness ♥
♥ Connects to spirit realm. ♥ Manifests Higher Self Goals ♥
♥ Wind-Fire ♥


Amegreen combines the energy of Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) and Amethyst. My pillar holds more of the energy of Prasiolite with a little gift of Amethyst to aid.

Prasiolite begins its life as purple amethyst which through the energy of fire it is transformed from within. According to the Book of Stones, it therefore stands as a metaphor for what must be accomplished within the human spiritual experience. The fire within (solar plexus) connects with the spiritual centre (third eye/pineal gland) to help us manifest our higher purpose, (soul contract), into the world. It is known as the ‘Namaste’ stone, helping you recognize the Divine spark within all beings, including yourself. It is a wonderful gift to share with someone who has touched you on a spiritual level.

Acting as a lightening rod of healing energy, it can help healers open up to their true calling, allowing cosmic energy (or Reiki if that is your path) to flow through you, and manifest into healing (solar plexus) for the greater good of an individual and the earth. In this respect, my pillar stands as a representative, and a connection to my Spiritual Ancestor, Green Tara.

While many stones speak about the abilities to open our spiritual awareness by reminding us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, there are some who have the opposite experience. We need assistance grounding our spirit back to earth, helping remind us that we have a soul contract to fulfil here. Since this stone helps bridge and balance the lower and higher realms, it aids in this process by grounding into the human body through the heart, to manifest through the solar plexus.

With respect to shadow work, after you have spend the necessary time in shadow work, you then need to invest the necessary amount of time working on the lessons that manifested, and the reintegration and healing that may be needed. Amegreen provides emotional support by helping heal past wounds, and lifts the veil of sorrow or depression. It assists one in dropping ego-based emotional patterns and in evolving beyond the perceived wounds and trauma of the past. I have found it a useful gift for individuals who have allowed the ‘victim’ shadow-self to take the lead in their lives.

♥ Awakening 3rd Eye ♥
♥ Connecting to Heart Centre ♥
♥ Manifesting from Solar Plexus ♥
♥ Release of Ego. ♥


In the heart of the Java forest is Borobudur Temple. Beginning at the base of the temple is the story of Siddhartha and his journey to enlightenment to become the Buddha. Each step of the journey providing the foundation of knowledge for the greater knowledge still to come. In a similar fashion, an Elestial’s stair like formation reminds you that your path is a journey.

An information library containing everything from the basic ‘spiritual primer’ level of information to the ‘spiritual master’ level, it releases the knowledge needed in stages appropriate to one’s growth level. It is said that elestials are dedicated to one caregiver for life, in this way it is an excellent ally to employ when one wishes to explore one’s own genetic and cellular encoding. For this reason, the imprinting makes it user sensitive. No one touches my elestial, it is more sacred than my altar, it is a living part of my mesa bundle.

Generally, the stone is therefore used to reach the higher-self, and is great for Earth born souls reaching for the knowledge beyond. I have found it can also be very useful for non-earth born souls who need to ground their spirit to this earth walk. Based on my personal connection to this stone, I have found it can also be used to take the steps within, towards the heart of the shadow-self.

A grounding stone which allows the physical body to receive and utilize high frequency light energy. Aids in purifying the emotional body and dissolving crystallized filters which create repetition of emotional patterns. It receives full spectrum light energy and adjusts it until it can be absorbed and be utilized by one’s physical and energetic systems. This is an important function in healing work as it enables one to resonate with the highest possible frequency without burning out one’s energy systems. Provides powerful protection from negativity. Attunes one to the knowledge of the Akashic records, and aids in recall of past lives.

♥ Protection ♥ Shielding ♥ Grounding ♥
♥ Provides an anchor or tether during flight. ♥
♥ Shadow Work ♥ Hidden Talents ♥


In my journey work, I believe that often shadow work and soul retrieval and tied together. This storm stone works to aid in both types of healing. A truly wonderful stone which I use to assist others with their journey through the shadows and to obtain aspects of their soul fragmented by trauma. It has the power to take one on a journey into the depth so of the psyche assists in locating and integration the aspects of self which have been separated from the whole. It can help one to release energies trapped in the subconscious, parts of the self that may have been lost to fear, trauma, guilt or shame. It then aids in overcoming self-doubt self hatred and other tools the ego uses to keep one’s true nature hidden. This storm element stone brings light into the shadows allowing one to bravely and honestly face the shadow-self and find love in one’s heart for those aspects of self that one has denied, vilified or ignored. It can help one recall and release stagnant energies from childhood, birth or even past lives. It reinforces one’s courage and determination to do whatever inner work is necessary to be healed and whole.

In addition, it can be used to move into altered states of consciousness, enhancing clairvoyance and intuition. Opens the inner doors of self-discovery, self mastery and manifestation of these gifts into your life.

This stone protects against psychic manipulation, strengthening the auric shield and in wand form pulls out negative energy, imprints and implants. In this respect it can assist clients who have lived for years under the oppression of an over bearing guardian figure, especially if abuse of any kind factored into things. In these situations, not just will an aspect retreat for protection, but as I’ve indicated in my series on shadow work/soul retrieval, a ‘shadow’ aspect (mask person) comes forward to deal with what the soul aspect cannot. Nuummite removes the difficulties arising from such manipulation and having cleansed the experience, it helps you connect back to your true self by dissolving defensive behaviour patterns your shadow has built against it (shadow-self).

♥ Protection ♥ Auric Shielding ♥ Clairvoyance/Intuition ♥
♥ Shadow Work & Soul Retrieval ♥
♥ Sorcerer’s Stone ♥

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