Aries New Moon – Intentions & Rituals


The beginning of the astrological calendar commences with the Aries New Moon at 7:24 am EDT on April 7th. This Sun Sign New Moon is fueled with the solar energies of; creation, will power and drive. Just because the New Moon’s energy is unseen, it does not mean it is unfelt. This full moon is filled with solar energy, which begins with a spark to ignite the fires within your solar plexus.  This spark will burn strong and true as it manifests your will, desires and goals into your life.  As the sun’s effects on the moon becomes more visible, feel your intentions reaching into the world, taking shape, growing with strength, to culminate with the Full Moon energy.  Feel the fires within grow more resolved each day.  Know that your desires will manifest.  Believe, first in yourself, because everything else comes forth from you.

New Moons in general, and the Aries New Moon in particular present the perfect time for seeding your intentions for your overall goals for the year. This is a perfect time to recreate the earth through the Kalash Puja/Ritual, which allows you to rebuild the energies which serve as the foundation for what you wish to manifest this year. Follow-up this energy on a monthly basis with the Mini Kalash Flower Tea Ceremony!

To find out more about these rituals, please visit my previous posts at:

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 Live in Balance,

Shakti – Shaman

For complete New Moon associations, energy, forecast and so much more sign up for The Mystic Oracle Forecast through the Goddess Circle, run by an inspired writer and inspiring individual, Ara:

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