The Animist connection of an Urban Shamanic Witch


Some are very blessed to live in the wilds. Able to forage within forests, meadows and river beds for gifts of the Mother to aid in magick, healing and spiritual growth. The shamans, and wise-folk from whom we learn our path, carrying on the tradition in it’s original form. Guided by the Mother along winding paths, they forage for the finds that fill the jars within their apothecary. These offerings are pure and true, because She offered them, wild and free.

Some still, are blessed with a garden. Land to cultivate the seeds provided within the Womb of the Mother. Their harvest filled with nurturing energy, spend over time, and the joy that comes from giving birth to new crops of flowers, herbs and roots.

And then there is the city shaman. The city witch. There is me.

I have no forests at the ready to walk within. Nor gardens to seed my intent.  But I forage nonetheless. My connection just as strong, and my calling, just as true. For I forage through dreamtime, in a world of spirit energy. Where crystals, flowers, herbs and roots soul journey to teach, and share with me. Here our souls dance as one, and secrets are shared. Wisdom is gained, and truth embraced. Helping me find the answers to bring back of the crystals, herbs, roots and flowers who wish to work with me, and how our energies will continue the dance in the waking world.  Regardless if the means of obtaining the treasures within my apothecary, be it by soil or by store, it is the knowledge I then carry forward and add to my rituals of magick and healing.  The knowledge I can then share with you.

Dreamtime has shown me not just the evolution of my path, through visits with my ancestors, animal spirits and elemental kin, but also the spirit of my Flora Soul Group, for they are my family.

One way or another, spirit guides, and speaks, helping us know what heals body and soul. We must never assume that any one’s connection is less than true. For some, our homes may be of concrete, and our view of skyscrapers instead of trees, but we still see the energy of the elements, in the creations of glass and steel. More so, it makes us honour every single tree we pass, for we know of the sacrifice made for homes of steel and glass.

May you always remember your connection to the Great Spirit.
In balance, Namaste…

Shakti Shaman

(Photo by MountainRoseHerbs.Com, one of my trusted suppliers.)

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