Darkness Fades

 Sometimes you have no choice but to share your life with a negative force.  Growing up, there was such a person who’s energy and actions were always present, so much so, that his actions do still at times haunt me.  Several years ago, before I truly advanced into shadow work and aspect retrieval, I wrote this simple spell that call for a release of the darkness and brings in it’s place protection.

During the experience, I realized later in life, that though his actions seemed to call forth dark responses within me, the darkness was NOT mine.  It was HIS, it was HIM.  Making the distinction, understanding the source, helps with formulating healing.

This simple ritual is no miracle cure, it simply provides focus for your intention.  I now deal with this through my annual shadow journeys, for I have realized that unless the person is completely removed from your life, all the work you do, can get disrupted, and need to be maintained.  That’s okay.  You are human.  I hope this ritual that I wrote may inspire you in someway to help the darkness fade….

In Service, Shakti Shaman ❤



An hour of power is all that I ask
To send out a plea for help with this task
The efforts will take magick and strength
To hold on to the outcome for an undetermined length.

Within my home, within my heart
A darkness has grown, it lingers, and lasts
I ask that the powers of survival and protection
Remove this illness from my heart’s detection.

Free my homes, free my heart
Let love replace this ugly past
Forgiveness is simply not an option
Put healing must be the only repercussion.

I light this black candle that holds his name
Just as his actions were coloured the same
To burn away his evil essence
Removing his veil of darkness form my presence.

As the ashes blow away, as from a funeral pyre
He can hurt me no more even after this hour
For the Goddess stands guard in protection so true
In place of a mother who knew not what to do.

So as this hour draws to an end
I go forth with the Goddess, hand in hand.
Her love is unending. Her protection is fierce
In her arms I sleep safely till this night is spent.

This ritual is over but the results will live on
To the powers of the corners I give thanks and move on.
With harm to none, and protection and love, Blessed be

(c) K. Baboolal 2001