Anticipation…. the First Spring Storm

It’s midnight, and I sit in anticipation of the first Spring Storm.

I live for thunderstorms.  They reach all my senses. My new view resulting from my move in the fall opens the skies to me, and allows me to bring the storm in.  My crystals sit in the windows ready to be cleansed and charged, as I do.


I feel it first in the air, even before I can see any changes in the sky,
The slow build up of pressure against my skin.
A sign that the earth is alive,
Her breath quickening.

I smell the change in the air, the stirring of the ozone,
Bringing with it the anticipation of the storm.
A sign that the earth is alive,
Her heartbeat quickening.

She touches me to my core, recharging my soul,
From the first lightening strike, to the last.
She leaves me breathless with her beauty,
A sign that I am alive.
My soul energy quickening.

And I am grateful.

Namaste PachaMama
Our Mother.
Our Earth.

Kayla Baboolal (c) 2016
(Shakti Shaman)

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