Circle of Women – Reclaiming the Sisterhood

I remember when I first heard this song by Nalini… I was on Facebook a few years ago, and without hesitation I purchased it.

The modern world we live in seems designed to make women resent not just themselves, but each other.  More prone to tear each other down, and build walls that prevent the simple truths from coming through. We are loved, strong and worthy, not just as individuals, but as a global family.

The sisterhood is failing.   How did we get to the point where we stopped complimenting the beauty of another?  More so, stopped seeing the beauty within another?  Does it make you feel less beautify if you acknowledge the strengths in someone else? It shouldn’t.  Not at all.  In my eyes, it just makes your own self acceptance and beauty shine through, and shares an important message.

We are loved, strong and worthy.

When sitting in a restaurant, on the bus, or any other public venue, it breaks my heart that the conversations between teens/young women are bitter, judgemental, and boarder line bullying.  How did this happen?  How can we stop it?  I am not a mother, just an aunt, but I am a representation of the Goddess on this earth, in all her forms… so I hold the energy of Mother within.  As do we all.  This makes each of these girls our daughters, and we hold a responsibility to help them transform; envy to compliments, competition to support, bullying to acceptance, and hate to love.

May we teach them to put down the cell phones, and pick up the symbolic drums, that they may find the heartbeat that connects us, and share in each other’s beauty and grace. May we teach them, through our own actions, to support each others strengths, and help each other overcome our weaknesses.

Male and female, may we stand as warriors and healers to the sisterhood.

May we find the balance,

Shakti Shaman

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