Intro to Journeying Series : Part 2 of 3 : Energy Bodies & Protection


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When you are journeying you are acting as energy. I have found that many books on journeying do not address this issue, but simply go directly into techniques. To me, this is a kin to giving someone a car with all the safety features removed. Before I begin any form of journeying, even the one many consider simple, such as lucid dreaming, I prepare my energy bodies. In addition to a spiritual shower/bath, and a call for protection and intention to the spirits from my sacred space, I utilize Reiki “type” energy to feel for energy attachments and leaks within my auric fields. I am a Reiki master/teacher, but I state ‘Reiki type energy” because you don’t have to be a Reiki or energy healer to do this. There are several techniques to sense and become attuned to energy within your body and others, including plants, animals and crystals. These will be addressed at a later date.

So why is it important to prepare your energy bodies? Even when you are travelling your body still maintains its energy centres, fields and shields. If you have properly prepared for journeying you have taken time to become familiar with reading your own energy centres and auric field, and can therefore utilize your healing chakras (palm chakras) to call to the energy of Source (Cosmic Energy, whatever name you know it by) to help with the energy flow within your body, and to fill in/seal any leaks surrounding you. This is very important as it ties into protection during journeying. Any plane you visit has the potential for a run in with other entities, these are worlds after all, and just like our own, there are life forms with all types of intentions. Even in lucid dreaming there are others who can dream walk. Generally speaking, if it is without your consent, it’s not likely going to be a visit in your best interest. I have found in the past, when I do not properly prepare by sealing energy leaks within my field that it is an invitation for feeders. In addition, holes within my field provide locations for parasitic entities to enter and latch on. These are just two of the more simple issues that can arise from improper preparation of your energy bodies, internal and external, before journeying.

What follows is my journey, based on my spiritual path, soul creation and level of practice. Please take any inspiration that may assist you in your own journeys.


Cleansing the Energy Fields:
On a nightly basis, before mama and papa set foot in their Puja room (think altar room, or sacred space), they would prepare their bodies with a spiritual shower or bath. Spiritual baths simply require your intention and awareness of the movement of energy within your body. Being an elemental shamanic witch raised within ritual, I call to my elemental kin to add their energy to my intentions. While this is not necessary, it is my path, and acts as one of my ‘triggers’ that ritual is about to begin.

A simple exercise to do after you complete your shower, is to stand so that the water is cascading down from the top of your head. Picture the energy of the water, remember that it is alive with spirit and energy, it holds a frequency of its own. Close your eyes and feel the energy of the water flowing through your own external energy bodies, lending it’s healing to your aura. Feel it flowing over energy tears around your body, like liquid aloe over a cut, sealing it, protecting it, allowing your own energy to do it’s magick within to finish the healing cycle. Now feel the moisture of the water penetrate your skin, taking its healing energy within you. Feel that energy merge with your own, flowing down through the chakras wheels, gently regulating the flow of the energy centres.

I end my shower with application of an oil rub infused with the same herbals I will be working with during the ritual journey. The release of the herbal oils both in the shower or bath, and again as a body application are examples of my ‘triggers’, helping me begin my move from the mundane, to ritual, more specifically to journeying. As will be outlined in the next upcoming section of this article, I utilize triggers to engage all my senses. In this instance the triggers contribute to both scent and touch in the mundane world and visually in my energy fields.

If I am doing journeying to the shadow or underworld I take this up to another level completing a full bath ritual, which will be covered in the continue series on Shadow Journeys.

After the cleanse and application of the oils, I return to my altar/sacred space and prepare my regularly nightly offerings, and prepare one of my journey Mesas. Again, you do not have to have any of these items, depending on how you journey This is simply my way that I am sharing with you, and it was build up over 25 years. I started with the showers/baths and mantras. I did not begin to add to this experience until well over five years into my journeying experience, as my experience and depth of journeying intensified.

My Journey Mesas, of which I have three, contain specific crystals, oils/salves, teas and incense that I use specifically for one of my three types of Spiritual Journeying. The Mesas contain items to trigger sensory memory. Sensory memory comes into play when, do to repetitive actions, you begin to associate specific items with a task. Much like muscle memory. If you use a resin or herb on a regular basis, change the blend for journey rituals. Ensure there is an unique scent within the offering that tells your mind and body, that your spirit is about to soar! Within my journey Mesas are specific crystals grids, and teas with the same solitary intentions. This is also where I keep my handmade rattles, again only used for journeying, I do not use rattles at any other time. The rattles are filled with the same herbal/resin offerings and crystals used within the Mesa itself. I then sit in meditation using sound as another trigger to move me from the physical world, within. I start with a mantra that I use only for journeying, and combine this with either a pre-recorded drumming, or the appropriate journey rattle, which are additional triggers.

Protection during Journeying
Many people feel that protection is not needed during journeying, or spiritual work in general. Depending, again, on their soul creation story, energy and spiritual level and experience, this may be true. However, I can only speak to my own experiences, so I am including this section within part two on my intro to Journeying.

I have read many books and blogs which speak of traveling as if going to a dimension of peace and love. Perhaps. But other dimensions are no different than our own, in that they consist of energy beings which may or may not have your best interest at heart. The point is, my experience, and others who I highly respect, including my grandmother, have included the good and bad of other dimensions. This is not always a bad thing. What without facing struggles in any dimension, you won’t grow spiritually, nor will you strengthen your skills.

One of the lessons my grandmother taught me, was to know they enemy. Although we operate from a place of healing and protection, some entities feed on the light. Mama taught me, not to ‘walk’ the left path, but to understand it. Know thy enemy. It’s the only way to understand how to protect against them. In addition to my Mama’s teachings, I delved into the many books on energy work and protection from the ‘dark’ etc., that are available. The only two I would recommend tie into Mama’s teachings. The first is written by a Psy-vamp to teach those who are how to feed. (“The Psychic Vampire Codex – Michelle Belanger) By understanding who they are, why they need to feed, and how, I was able to devise a different type of shield that has worked wonders, because it utilizes an endless energy source, that is not compatible with their needs.


What follows is based on my own energy levels, experience with possession, feeders and entity attachments, and the methods I have been taught by my grandmother and come up with based on my own experiences over the years to assist in my own journeying process. Again, everyone’s experiences are going to be different. 

Many books and other practitioners suggest a bubble of white light, but my experience with this is contra to the writings. There are some entities, both within this world and others, who feed on our energy, and light energy. Psy-vamps are one example. By whatever name you wish to call them, there are human’s whose souls are… I will say young, or were born with a deficiency. These individuals need to feed off of other energy sources to sustain themselves. Most, are not even aware, and are not intending you harm, but some are. Regardless of intention, you are being affected. These types of entities exist in all dimensions. If you are of a higher vibrational frequency, you become a beacon to those seeking to feed. I was lucky enough to have different shamanic teachers explain this to me, each having witnessed it happen to me at pagan workshops. I had to find alternate ways to shield, and it was my elemental kin that came to my rescue. Their energy sources, from my experience, are not compatible for most dimensional feeders I have encountered, including earth based psy-vamps.

How I build an elemental shield.
I work with the elementals, and truly consider them my kin and my protective shielding during intense ritual and journeying. This can be done simply by attuning to the energy of the elements, but can be emphasized with herbs, crystals, salts, sound and other techniques.

Sitting in meditation, I call to the energy’s of source through the elementals, and one by one I build energetic walls around myself. I believe that each of our chakras are channels that connect directly to source, but since we are also made of elementals, I believe they can also connect the elements within us, to elemental energies around us. What follows is one of the more basic elemental shields I used when I first started the process. I found it also helpful during rush-hour on the subway, but that’s another story!

From the root chakra I open up to source of creation, and through source the element of earth, I create scales around my body using these energies.

From the sacral chakra I open up to source of creation, and through source the element of water, creating a iridescent sheen on the scales. Similar to that of labradorite, it creates the illusion of constant movement, making it harder for energy to track and stick.

From the solar chakra i open to source of creation and through source the element of fire, creating a simmer of heat, a fire shield of protection around each scale.

From the heart chakra, i open to source of creation and through source the element of air, creating a vortex of protection, this is similar to the light bubble, but again, in constant movement.

Several years ago I came across a Chakra CD by Jonathan Goldman. The one hour long CD uses sound and Tibetan throat chanting to clear the chakras and is highly effective. The beauty of this CD is it begins with attunment of the root chakra, and I now use it to both check my energy bodies and build the elemental shields. This process is an hour long preparation, and I add it to the journeying depending on my health and the serious nature of the journeying. For example, shadow or underworld. As I mentioned, I take journeying seriously, as you can see, my preparation can easily take over an hour.

Once the shield is in place, create your tether.
Not everyone agrees with the need for a tether, and once again, they are absolutely right. Not everyone does need, it, but as I previously mentioned, many factors will play a part in the decision.

For my path, tethering is a physical anchor that keeps one tied to their physical body. Being a light shadow, not of what I refer to as the Earth Soul group creation origins, it is very easy for me to want to move between and stay in other dimensions. I tether to remind myself where my soul currently calls home, but it also provides another layer of protection. If you journey completely out of body, your actual body is a vessel, and can be inhabited by any other soul or entity. They can choose to take it over, or ‘share’ it with you, without your awareness. These are some ways that possessions can occur. I do speak from experience. As a child I had a possession against my will, and was beyond grateful to have a shamanic grandmother to assist with the extraction process. This is one of the many reasons, I take journeying as seriously as I do, and with as much caution in the process.

Leaving your body open, can also invite somewhat less obtrusive entities to take up residence, such as energy parasites. I have come across a number of people in workshops who feel drained all the time, and are prone to illness. Their immune systems always seem to be low and their doctors have no reasonable explanations. In my personal experience, this has been one of the reasons why.

My Mesa contains my emblem, the Spirit Journey Wheel you see on my header, and will act as my ‘logo’ for my store. I have explained it in a separate post within my website. When I journey, I use a small amount of blood magick to create my tether as I build my Spirit Wheel. I am not advocating blood magick, I am sharing my journey experience only. You can use a lock of your hair, or create a fetish bag with your nails etc. Sorry if this makes you squeamish, but my path is a Shamanic path, bones, blood and skulls are very much a part of my journey, as much as herbs, resins and crystals are.

I hope this provided some food for thought on the importance of preparing your energy bodies, protection during flight and tethering. An additional book I may recommend to beginners is: “Energy Vampires, A practical guide for psychic self-defense” by Dorothy Harbour. It is at a more basic level, but the main reason I would recommend it are the energy exercises she has included. Some I already had in place, some I tried, and some are not my cup of tea, but that’s the beauty of us each being on our own path 🙂 

Preparing the Mind and Body.

Journey Triggers – Conditioned Response

THE LIBRARY: This will be a new section on my website, and it will begin with a list of books, blogs and websites on this topic. As stated in this post, I am including all materials I have read. While I may not agree with all aspects of each book, I was able to resonate with some of the books, in part or whole. It is up to you to do your research and find what works best for you.

Please note this series will continue in the fall with a more advanced look at Upper and Lower world journeying, introducing tools and botanicals to aid advanced journeying.

Safe Travels,

Shakti-Shaman, your Fireside Witch, in Service.

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