Goddess Circle RePost – Full Moon & Eclipse Mar.23.16

When I was previously on Facebook, I found a great page called Goddess Circle. The person who ran the page refers to herself as Ara, and she has a way of touching anyone who crosses her path. She has the wisdom of an Elder (Crone), but the spirit of a Maiden and she nurtures both with the energy of the Mother. Since my recent return to Facebook, her page was one of the first I sought out, and was happy to see, not just was her page still active, but she now had a website as well. I am happy to repost her information on the upcoming Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse which is just kissed by the energy of the Spring Equinox.  You can visit her directly at:   http://thegoddesscircle.net/

What follows is directly from her email for subscribers:


Libra Full Moon & Eclipse: March 23

On March 23 we have a potent Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra with the Aries Sun adding a fiery highlight to the realm of our relationships. The peak of the Full Moon occurs at 8:01 am EDT and the eclipse begins at 5:39am EDT and the peak is at 6:57 am EDT.

This powerful moon is bringing deep insight for us into the rising insecurities and shadows we have been faced with especially in our relationships. This is a time of really being here with all that is coming up.

This is a time of looking at where needless stress and chaos are upsetting the balance in your world. Is this what you want your future to look like? Make the choice and cut what you are able. Some things are just not worth building a life out of.

Look at unifying the aspects of your being; you can be vulnerable and strong for example. The new shift forward is defined how you want it to be, bring yourself forward in truth and wholeness and believe in love and powerful union. You deserve it, so know your worth, and settle for nothing less.

This potent energy shift will be affecting the next few months as eclipses do, so there is lots of time to look at this energy and get things aligned.

Blessings and may your Full Moon bring clarity.


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