Seeds of Intentions

As the Spring Equinox is upon us, I am taking a very different approach to my post today.  One that calls to self-empowerment.  As you plant your Spring seeds of intentions, think of what you will do to nourish it.  You are the caretaker of that seed.  Own its life, and take responsibility for yours in return


We speak a lot about rituals for the spring, of planting our intentions and seeding our hopes.  But it is important to remember, that is just the first step, and we are responsible for doing our part in growing what manifests for us come harvest time.

My mom switched paths to Anglicanism when she married her husband, and I love her dearly, but her response to anything in life is to just pray on it, God will provide.  My response to her has always been, the Goddess did provide, she provided me with a brain to think, hands to manifest and feet to walk in the direction I need to find my answers.  We were given free will for a reason, to create our worlds.  However you chose to do this.  For me, its personal effort – enhanced through ritual.

We must also remember that there is a price for every spell or ritual you cast, and it comes from within you.  That doesn’t have to be a scary thing!  I simply mean that you have to put in your own efforts to get results.  We all go through trying times, be it financial, emotional, health… but I’ve never worked a love spell, or a money spell, and never will.  Instead I work a spell to find a job that meets my financial obligations based on what I can offer in return.  I take courses to improve what I can offer, adding another layer of energy to the spell or rite.  All of this sends energy and intention out to the universe to draw back to me what I deserve, because I’ve worked for it.  So why bother doing a spell or ritual?  Manifestation rituals help me keep focus and build energy.  The altar space or sacred Mesa houses this energy and intention.  But, as I initially stated, the Creator helps those who help themselves.  I believe that the energy of Source will add his/her own energy when intentions and efforts are true.  That is the part we call faith, no matter what spiritual practice we adhere to.

My path is not a lazy path.  It is one that tests me constantly to walk it truthfully in both my intentions, and my actions that follow.  This is the blessing I see, for it makes me stronger.  In the end, I realize that I AM the seed of my own intention.  I am growing stronger with each action I take towards my own goals, with the blessing of the Ancient One.

Blessed Spring to you all.  May you manifest what you truly desire.


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