Fern and Fungi CSW March 2016

My first YouTube Haul Video 🙂

This regular Haul video introduces Sarah Anne Lawless’s CSW March offering through Fern and Fungi.  The glass jar is my container.  The tea and smoke blend come in baggies 🙂

While I generally prepare my own salves, the more affordable alternative right now was to purchase a ready made blend to meet my needs for holistic ritual sleep aid. However, because I take my path as seriously as I do, and put a lunar month and a half of ritual into the preparation of my own salves and spiritual blends, I need to ensure that the person I do purchase ready made products from takes her path as seriously as I do.

The one person I trust would be my fellow Canuk, Sarah Anne Lawless. Like myself, she looks beyond the metaphysical properties of botanicals to the chemical history of the plant, and how it works with and affects the human body and mind.

My path takes on a different Entheology and Psychoactive Botanical path than Sarah’s. While mine focuses on a Shamanic path of East meets West (Himalayan/Peruvian), Sarah’s is more traditional European Wise Woman. As a result, I am very interested to see how her European lineage’s blends speak to me. I look forward to the journey through her world, and encourage you to journey with her as well:


Included in the March CSW is a sampler of Belladonna salve used for the Wise Path way of Flying, or the Shamanic Path of Journeying. I take the use of psychoactive botanicals very seriously. You may already have come across my series on this website dealing with the importance of journeying. If not, please start with this post:


In time, I am planning to expand my site to include a store. I am excited for the plans, and for the giveaways I hope to share with my WordPress and YouTube family.

To that end, I welcome your support, and ask that you please subscribe and comment on noted videos within my YouTube Channel to be eligible for ongoing giveaways.

I look forward to journeying with you through the shadows, to reclaim your light, so that you may live in balance.

Namaste: Shakti Shaman, your Fireside Witch

2 thoughts on “Fern and Fungi CSW March 2016

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what you will have to offer in your store. Shadow work is a must for me, and I trust your guidance.
    Namaste~great to see you popping up in my mail again!


    • Hi Shelley, it’s great to be back in touch with my wordpress family again ❤ The series will take time to complete, and advance articles will include plants, roots, crystals and more, but… I want to take my time and make sure the series covers all basic aspects of my journeying. I would love to know how you view shadow work!:) Namaste sister ❤


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