Nightly Spiritual Offering

Palo Santo – White & Black Copal – Wiraqoya


Our ancestors knowledge of plants and resins came from observing the nature of the plants themselves.  Based on how they grew, the physical attributes they held, plants were associated with healing based on sympathetic magick.  But things have changed.  With herbs and resins coming to us second hand (online and neighborhood stores), so is the knowledge we seek on them.

While the internet can help us find answers, at time, I feel it also helps us cut corners on truly understanding the elements we work with in our spiritual and healing practices.  While there is merit in seeking out a short list of plants or resins which meet the metaphysical properties you seek assistance with, we need to honour the life and respect the sacrifice of these gifts of the earth.  We need to understand their stories.

Once I find the name of a potential offering, I then begin my research.  I learn how the plant grows, what attributes it has in it’s development and what happens in it’s death cycle and re-propagation.  All of these can assist me in truly understanding the potential for the type of energy it can release, in life, death and rebirth.  I then spend time with the specimen.  In meditation I open my energies to learn from it.  To see if we can sync, and if our spiritual union is possible.  I thank it for it’s life, and sacrifice, and I honour it in how I implement it into my healing and spiritual practice.  I do this for each flower, root, or resin… and I then spend time with them as a group, to see how the dynamics may, or may not, work together for the intent that I have in mind.

These are living entities, sharing their energy with you. Please never forget this. They are not there to serve you, but to work with you… if you ask.

I too have been guilty of just posting the properties of the herbs and resins you find in my Apothecary section of my website. Mainly because I trust that everyone is doing their due diligence with respect to their homework and connecting to the offerings… I know now that is not always the case.  So, I will do my best to offer more, or at least provide an example of how ‘digging deeper’ can help you understand the full benefits of the magical energies you bring into your practice.  I hope you take my information as a starting point for your continued research.

Below you have both a PDF from one of my workshops, and a YouTube version of how I dig a little deeper to determine the nightly ritual blend that I offer to the Ancestors, Spirit and the Elements.  I hope you find it informative, and inspirational to look beyond your needs, and to understand and honour the life and death of the gifts from the Earth.

A video providing a little background, a little chat, and a little give away 😉

A video on a safe and respectful alternative for offering herbs and resins in your spiritual and healing practice.

Fireside Witch Presents : Shakti Shaman Workshop Documents

2016 (c) Kayla Baboolal


Kayla B, your Shakti Shaman


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