The Shakti in Shakti Shamanism

I’ve been offline from all sources for over a year, and am not sure how often I can share my voice, but I have been drawn to do so of late…. so in this moment in time, I return to share more of my story.

While I have broadly ‘labeled’ my path as the Shakti Shaman (warrior healer), I have not explained what that means to me.  This is mainly because my path continues to grow and evolve.  To change.  This is one of the reasons Papa told me that I could not label what my Mama did, because “labeling limits”.  So for now, I share an explanation of what Shakti energy means within my path as it stands in this moment and time.  The image below I have used to capture my energy and connection to Spirit since my very first blog/website over 20 years ago, and it still very much captures the energy of my path.


The ‘Shakti’ within this Shakti Shaman

As in all things, I start my process by hitting the books, and doing my research in order to educate myself on the actual history that has laid the foundation of the path I am currently on, for history informs us. Sometimes for me, ‘hitting the books’ includes teachings from my family lineage, and for that I could not be more grateful.  But ultimate, after the foundation is done (the actual research), I then sit with Spirit, and find my truth in it.  I listen to my intuition, and I accept what is… for me. I can then go ‘off book’.  I apply this to my working with herbs and crystals as well.  It does not apply to my working with the elements.  That is a direct connection, direct knowledge, which we all have.

Normally I would then bring that information to my website to share, but I took a different approach this time.  I took a more organic approach.  I Vlogged it.

Yesterday I posted what I consider my first ‘real’ vlog on my YouTube channel since I created it, to explain the Shakti in my Shakti Shamanic practice, and I share it with you now…. I reveal things about my path you may have guessed, and things you may not expect.  These things may not sit well with everyone, but the truth is, it sits with me and my Goddess in this moment and time.

This blog itself may be edited and added to, for explaining your path is far from an easy thing to do…. especially when so much of it has no words, I hope I did my connection with Spirit service….

As always, remember to embrace your shadows, so you may find your light, and ultimately live in balance.  Namaste…

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