Rites of Spring

This Spring Equinox brings with it a trinity of energies and will.

The Equinox holds the renewal of spring, and the potential it brings for new beginnings and growth.
The New Moon, which by its location to the earth is also deemed a Super Moon, allows you to  journey into the darkness to reclaim what was lost and bring it into the light of the Spring Energy for rebirth.
Finally, the New Moon will dance with the sun culminating in a Solar Eclipse.

A powerful show of balance and more so, harmony between night and day, solar and lunar energies and all that they embrace within us.

Several years ago, within the month of March we were blessed with three sacred events:  a Solar Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse and the Equinox.  In preparation for that most sacred trinity of events, I prepared my body for a ritual of union through tribal tattoos. 3 days prior to the first event I placed two tattoos on the inside of my wrists.  On the inside of my lunar wrist (left) I placed the Eye of Ra, and on the inside of my solar wrist (right), the Eye of Heru (most commonly referred to as Horus).  On the three sacred nights that followed within the month, the tattoos were blessed and programed, something I repeat with a renewal of the warding every Spring and Autumnal  Equinox.  This year…. I have the power of three acting with me once again, and I feel so blessed.

I have included in part, my ritual of balance with the hopes that it might spark an idea within you for this spring. You need not get tattoos to complete this ritual.  Paint the eyes on river stones, or crystal ‘worry’ stones which resinate with lunar and solar energies and simply hold them in the appropriate hands, then keep your new talismans close at hand.  I will leave the interpretation of the ritual steps up to you, for truly it should be written by you and for you… but we can all use a stepping stone once in a while… I offer one now in perfect trust.  Namaste, Blessed be…. KaylaB, your Shakti Shaman.


Within this time of balance, of day and night,
the moon and sun kiss the heavens and shadow the earth in union.
It is a time of renewal, rebirth, and blessings.

 As the Sun and Moon share the sky, and light and dark share the hours,
I embrace the energies of balance as I re-bless my connections to source through ritual.

Eye of Ra 

I embrace you as a symbol of the energy of the Creator fueled by the Sun
To call forth the energies of protection, strength, vitality and passion.
The Shakti Within.
May you serve and watch over me.
Guarding against negative entities and energies which try to infiltrate,
feed from or otherwise disturb my essence.
May you serve as a connection to the Solar Source,
that I may channel the energies of strength through my body soul and mind
Cleansing and purifying me with your fire of any illness bringing forth vitality and health.
And allowing my passion for life and sensuality to breath my love of life back into being.

Eye of Heru

I embrace you as a symbol of the energy of the Creator fueled by the Moon
To call forth the energies of healing, compassion, temperance and love.
The Shaman Within
May you serve to guide me.
Direct my  hands to heal others and self
that I may find my answers and purpose through my deeds.
Show me what is hidden in a persons actions
that I may feel and show compassion in my responses.
Connect me with the coolness of the moon to temper my agni,
my fire, both of body and mind.
Open my eyes to, both within and without, to the possibility in life.
Helping me see what I fear in myself and around me which holds me back from my heart’s connections.

Together – As the eyes face me – bring me into myself.
Help me see the unseen.
Help me channel the energies to protect, fight and heal on both the earth and shamanic planes.

I ask that the energies which fill me, and surround me add their powers to this rite of spring. 

May the seeds of my intent be planted within bringing renewal, and growth.
Within this time of balance I place these seeds to be fully charged by day and night.(*)
May the intuition of the night, and the fires of will infuse them for use during New Moon rites.

Original ritual by Kayla Baboolal – the Shakti Shaman

(*) Every New Moon to the day before Full I perform my New Moon Kalash Tea Ceremony.  Due to the Super New Moon adding it’s energy to the Equinox and Solar Eclipse, I am blessing my inventory of tea blossoms for future use.  On this night, my malas, statues and other spiritual items will also be ritually blessed and charged.  Namaste.

7 thoughts on “Rites of Spring

  1. Thank you for posting examples of rites and rituals to observe Spring Equinox and New Moon, KaylaB. There is a very sacred mood about the activities you describe. Thank you also for liking my Equinox/New Moon post. Blessings.


    • Namaste, and thank you for your words. I believe spirit is sacred and it should be approached with that respect. I apologize, but I had not as yet seen your wordpress site, so I took a visit over to check out your post on the Equinox/New Moon, it rings true to what I also spoke of. I find the CrystalSkull.ca e-letter a great source for information, and their knowledge of the Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse provided a great steeping stone for my post and the selection of the rituals I plan on embarking on tonight. Blessings to you, KaylaB

      Liked by 1 person

    • Namaste sister, it has been too long indeed. Life is beginning to find it’s balance again, and I hope to share a little more of my journey with you as the year progresses. Namaste ❤


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