A time of balance….

It can be interpreted in so many ways. A life filled with struggle, finally finds peace. A life void of love finally fulfillment. A life filled with gain, experiences loss…. Balance is not always what you expect, nor what you hope for. But it is inevitable.

Life is not always easy… it is a struggle daily for most to keep their hearts light and minds positive. Take a moment, and do not look at the world through the eyes of the media. Do not focus on the strife we create ourselves and chose to reside within. This is of our own doing.

Focus instead on the true building blocks of our life.  Look instead at  the sky, the earth, the rivers and creatures who inhabit them. SEE the truth in the world. The harmony and the balance. Observe how they work together and find your place within it. The Creator has done all the work for us… we need only to choose which world we wish to reside within…. I chose Her’s.

In so doing my life does not magically become perfect, true perfection is after all obtaining balance, and that means taking the good with the bad… but that is the key, that and the free will to make the choices to help yourself along the way, and the wisdom to accept it when it is offered.


May this Spring bring you all that you need to find the peace of body, mind and spirit that you seek…. May it give you the strength to deal with the balance that we must all face in life, and may the potential for something new, be just around the bend.

Much love and respect,

KaylaB, your Shakti Shaman

2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Always striving for balance. I am a Spring child, and am looking forward to the Sun’s rays, tree buds, peeking flowers and all things fresh and new. I have learned quite a bit about myself these past few months, and I’m feeling energized to continue finding peace, balance, and joy as my journey continues. Looking forward to riding the Harley and absorbing all the smells the back roads have to offer! Bikers know why dogs hang their heads out the windows. 😉


    • Blessings Sister, what a wonderful image your words portray! I have always wanted the opportunity to be a passanger on a road glider but as yet this wish remains unfilled! But life has many years of opportunity still ahead for us both! I am also Spring Born, and love to see the renewal of life and the spark it ignites within is unmistakable. Blessings to you and yours. KB


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