Hope is Restored

A wish to extend a blessed Winter Solstice morning to you and yours. 5:30 a.m. I found myself in an unexpected place this year in preparing for the return of the sun… back home at mom’s. For the past few months, due to personal obligations, I temporarily retreated from the the work force (can’t wait to return!) and relocated to mom’s till all is settled. Normally an apartment dweller, it was refreshing to take my sunrise ritual outdoors, to give offerings directly to the earth, and to feel, not just see, the sun’s warmth return to our beloved Mother Earth.

My rituals are often crafted in advance, and generally hold elements that are the same each year. But without fail, I do deviate, allowing spirit to guide me, my heart to speak and my tears to flow. This morning was no different.

I offer you now the basic words, may they inspire you, as you all have often inspired me. Blessed be, and Namaste.


Winter’s Hope Ritual
For Solitary or Family Gatherings, be they of blood or bond.

It shines all alone,
On this cold dark night.
A flicker of hope,
so warm, so bright.

The Sun’s return begins today,
A sign that spring is on its way.
A humble offering we give to thee,
For your return so mote it be.
(Candle is light – Aarti offered)

I take a moment to think about,
The year’s events that have come about….
(Moment of reflection, and communition with the ancestors, spirits, earth and Creator)

I light this offering to represent,
These past events I’ve lived to regret.
Please let the light carry it away,
So no ill feelings within me shall stay.
(Light candle or camphor, place offering on incense.)

I light this candle to hold true to myself,
To ground me and guide me when I need help.
It represents the good in me,
A symbol of who I’m proud to be.
(Light candle or camphor, place offering on incense.)

I light this candle as a symbol of hope,
A new trait to develop as I grow.
Into the new year with dedication and pride,
In all that I am, let the Goddess be my guide.
(Light candle or camphor, place offering on incense.)

Offerings of “Seasons” Vidal Ice Wine is now offered:
To the Ancestors, The Spirits of the Elements and those in their keep, and to the Creator/Goddess.

I also make another offering, always with tears in my eyes, for my child.
At 44 I have always mourned the child that never was, but give thanks for the child that is.
My little furry baby, rescured during the winter of 1997, she was named ‘Winter Solstice’, and as most who rescue animals will state, it was I who was rescued in the end.

So I raise an offering to one and all,
and to the Hope, that is now Restored.

KaylaB, the Shakti Shaman.

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