A Child’s Wonder

My childhood was not ideal, as few are these days. My immediate family dwelling was often filled with tears, and fights, rather than laughter and love. But… I ALWAYS had hope. I ALWAYS believed. And despite things never changing, (sad little grin to myself), I STILL have hope.

To that end, I will fully admit that I totally and completely believe in Father Winter, aka Santa Claus. I still get giddy as a school child taking in all the lights and decorations, have more Seasonal music than any other type, and a significant ‘Christmas’ movie collection.  I could never fully explain it to ‘adults’ when they asked me why, being an ‘adult’ myself, how I could possibly still believe. But you see, he is wonder, magick, hope, and the spirit of giving… If we look past the receiving for just a minute, we can embrace the truth of his message.

To give.

To give of yourself, your time, your stories and your life.

Nothing means more to me than a Christmas or Solstice or any Seasonal Card. I take great care in picking mine, for the sentiment within MUST matter. I can spend hours in a card store. Why, because that time, is part of the gift. It’s part of my dedication to those I love. So when I get a card, that has been personally made, or picked, and I read the sentiment and the letter within, it’s all I need. In that moment, Santa lives.

For those who are blessed enough to have children, I have a gift for you, one that circles the pagan parent sites around every Yule…. should they start to wonder if He truly does exist, here is a tale to tell those special kids. I take no credit in the verses you read, except for a few changes to make it more real 😉


“Daddy”, she said, her eyes full of tears, “will you talk to me and quiet my fears?
Those bad boys at school are spreading a lie ’bout the impossibility of reindeer that fly.
There’s no Santa Claus, they say with a grin, there’s not one now and there has never been.
How can one man take all of those toys to thousands of girls and boys?
But I told them Daddy, that they were not right, that I would come home and find out tonight.
Mama said wait until you come home. Please tell me now that I was not wrong.”
Her Daddy looked at her questioning face and puffed his pipe while his frantic mind raced.
He had put this off as long as he could, he had to think fast and it better be good.
Whispering a prayer, he began with a smile,

“Remember at circle how we learned to pray, asking the Goddess to take care of us each day?
And you know how we say a prayer before each meal?
To give thanks to this same Goddess whom we know to be real.
Though we never see her, we know she is there, watching her children with such loving care.”
“The Goddess started Yule a long time ago, With the gift of hope within Winter’s fresh snow. (*)
This gift of hope brings the Sun’s return, With Warmth and renewed life to the earth below. (*)
The spirit of giving came with that gift, To share with those who had less
Man had to name this spirit of giving just as he names all things that are living.”
“The name Santa Claus came to someone’s mind, probably the best name of any to find.
There is, you can see, and I think quite clear , Truly a Santa who visits each year.
A spirit like the Goddess, whom we never see, She enters the hearts of your mother and me.”
“Each year at Yule for one special night, we become him and make everything right.
But the REAL spirit of Yule is in you and in me, and I hope that you are old enough now to see
that as we believe and continue to give, our friend Santa Claus will continue to live.”

~Author Unknown with adaptations (*) by Shakti Shaman~


5 thoughts on “A Child’s Wonder

  1. Happy Yuletide! I like the poem, and for me, I make all my cards choosing a personal picture for each person I send them to. I wish you great happiness this year and on into the next. And may you never loose that hope and childlike enthusiasm which most adults turn their backs on. 😀


  2. This ( almost) makes me want children to tell this lovely story to! Instead, I will cherish the parts that apply to me at this time…I finally made my first Yule card, and will be doing it from now on. The rest of my cards sent, I personalized them -to a point-next year will be different. You always teach me in subtle, caring ways, and my wish for you is a New Year filled with love and brightest Blessings. ❤


    • Namaste Shelley, thank you for the blessings and your words, which mean the world to me. I send back to you and yours all the Hope that the Solstice brings. May it manifest in your life in all the ways that you dream of. Blessed Solstice, and blessed be ❤


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