Steps to Soul Retrieval : Know Thyself : Journalizing

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Spend time in meditation and looking within to be honest about issues you need to address is a key, and initial concept, for journeying to the shadows for soul retrieval.  There are many hard questions you need to ask yourself in the journaling process.  Some questions to consider might include:

 Is there a time when you felt a part of your self was lost?
 Do you feel it is still missing?
 Do other aspects of what may be termed shadow traits seem out of balance?
 Do you have walls up around yourself?
 Why? What are you protecting behind it?
 How do you go about protecting it?
 Are you overly aggressive, angry, flip or sarcastic more than necessary?
 Is there one person who brings these traits out more than others?
 Is this person tied to what is behind the wall, in the shadows?
 Are there negative issues or circumstances that you find constantly repeating in your life?

Step one is keeping a journal that honestly acknowledges the answers to these questions to help you determine if there is a part of you that is hidden away in the shadows. As you begin to journalize you will find yourself asking additional questions that may pertain directly to your own shadow and its needs. If you are unable to face the truths on paper, you are not ready to begin this journey. I do however, suggest talking to someone. Professional councilors and therapists are there to assist you.

At times the hardest thing in the word to do is get to know “yourself”, yet without fail, you would take the time to get to know anyone else who is hurting and requires healing. It is also the bravest thing you will ever do..

It is time to accept the responsibility to your own life, it’s time to heal.

7 thoughts on “Steps to Soul Retrieval : Know Thyself : Journalizing

  1. So beautifully written. I felt you could have been talking directly to me. I have been journalling for a long time but you have given me a path to a deeper understanding of myself.
    Thank you. I am looking forward to learning more as I go along.
    Blessings, Susan 💖

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    • Namaste Susan, I apologize for the delay! I have been off-line for just about a year, but am attempting to return to my website with new posts and workshops 🙂 I am very glad that my article has inspired you to take your journeying to another, deeper level :), please feel free to share what ever you are comfortable with. Journey safe sister, Kayla ❤

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