Shadow 101 – Accepting the concept of balance.

As the Sun and Mother Earth retreat within, we are afforded the opportunity to embrace the darkness and the healing that can be found there. To see the positive within the ‘dark’, release stigmas attached to her, and accept the balance within.  Namaste


I think at one point we all took a Psy101 in University, if not in highschool! I remember my thoughts on Freud, (leaving it at that), and I recall my impression of Carl Jung as being a shaman in a suit!  He brought reason to many beliefs and thoughts I’ve had over the years, and helped me find a ‘common’ way of sharing them.

His views on the Collective Unconscious tied into my belief that it is not just representative of our Global Village and how we can collectively make change in this world, but also contains the collective memory of our past lives/ancestors, for they are one and the same.

I was also very fascinated by his use of the archetypes, there is something ‘majorly arcanic’ about it! Hopefully you get my pun, it’s never fun when you have to explain them lol. When I was in high school, one year a family member gave each of us books on the Archetypes he felt matched us the most.  I was not, even then, surprised that I was gifted with the book on the ‘Shadow Self’

Recent conversations have made me realize that a lot of my extended (in person and online) pagan family are unwilling to acknowledge the shadows. I know Toronto groups that do Full Moon rites but when I inquired about New or Dark Moon rites I got a look of almost distaste and am generally informed that they don’t deal with the dark.

I was raised to believe in, acknowledge, and understand that there IS a balance required in all things. The dark is not something you need to fear.  It offers you a safe haven to keep your secrets, or share them in perfect trust.  To journey unseen to places you would never see by the light of day, and to plant seeds deep within the ‘dark’ of the earth plane within you.  Seeds filled with intent that will both reach further down into the depths of the earth to establish itself, and gain the nourishment/fuel needed to begin its growth.  Growth begins in the dark.  Only then will it break through to the light.

At the same time, the dark is where parts of our soul and/or psyche retreat to when faced with unimaginable danger or extended periods of serious illness. The dark keep these aspects of who we are safe until our subconscious brings these lost aspects to our conscious and allows us to work through the issues to self-reintegration.  This is the shamanic journey we all need to face, at least once, in our lifetime.

The Shadow Self is often incorrectly assigned in the pagan world as those who do ‘dark’ magick, or ‘work with the left hand’ as we say back home. The truth is, those who work will ill intent do this from the ego, not shadow.  While the intent is not in your best interest, it is not ‘shadow work’.  I think the use of the word ‘dark’ is what has many associating night time, dark moon and shadows with fear.  Remember the basics, it’s not about the dark or light, it’s about the intent.

I have decided it’s time to share the basics of my journey to the shadow self. The first two archetypes who will journey with us within this series of blogs are the Shadow and the Warrior (no surprise on either selection if you know me, and believe me, by the end of this series, you definitely will know me!). This first post provides a brief introduction to this journey, a Parapsy101 introduction to Carl Jung if you will. I am putting a lot of trust in any visitors to this site, as I fulfill both my soul contract (to serve and teach), my promise to my ancestors. So mote it be.

In balance, and service, Jaguar Spirit, the Shakti Shaman.

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