We Are The Three…



We started as old souls ready to be born,
eager to see the world and all of its charms.
We take our first steps, innocent and true,
maidens within the path, not sure what to do.

But we feel the tug within our minds,
Knowledge lives there, waiting for us to find.
So we explore this world, eager to see
All of its depth, beauty, and mysteries.

Then we shed our first blood and transform into,
Mothers of creation and compassion so true,
Now healers and teachers we pass down to you
The knowledge we have experienced and shared with few.

We shed our last blood and transition again,
Crone and elder with wisdom within.
We lift the veil between time and space
And see our soul is of perfect grace.

We are woman, our cycle is true,
In all of our phases we hold a universal truth
That at all times and in all ways,
We remain the three till the end of our days.

Original spirit craft by : Kayla Baboolal
Copyright (c) 09.21.2014

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