The Forest of Souls

The Forest of Souls
An introduction to a Shadow Work/Soul Retrieval Guided Meditation


There is a chill in the air, and unlike most, it warms me to my core, tempering the heat that has built over the summer. In contract to the oppressive humidity of a month ago, I now find myself revived and alive again.  Ironically, this happens at a time of the year when I prepare… to die.

As the sun sets on the eve of the Autumn Equinox, the earth prepares to slumber. As she retreats within, I do the same.  I welcome my shadow, and I welcome the dark, for within this sacred space, I retrieve what was lost, within the forest of my soul.

As I stand within my sacred grove, I watch the brilliance of the leaves still true on the branches. These represent my bright memories and hold my light within.  I bow in reverence, as I smile.

As my eyes are cast down, I take this opportunity to look around me, at the leaves that lay scattered, decaying, alone. These are the memories I have abandoned.  The aspects of my soul I neglect.

I sit within the forest, and I spend time with each leaf. Learning what was forgotten.  Some leaves hold tiny seeds within them. Potential to grow, heal and flourish.  These I place in my pocket to return with me.  The others, I cherish, and mourn and release.  I allow the energy that they still hold, to return to the earth, that the trees roots may hold it sacred, and utilize the release of their energy in death, to form new leaves, new traits, new possibilities, for the new year.

Namaste, Shakti Shaman at FiresideWitch.Com

(aspects of the Shadow Journey Workshop – Guided Meditation,(c) 2014 by: Kayla Baboolal) A full guided meditation workshop for the fall is in the works for both local and online attendees!

3 thoughts on “The Forest of Souls

    • Thank you Sister 🙂 It is part of a guided meditation and ritual for shadow work I created based on my own vision/shadow work process this year. I hope it will assist others who attend, with their journey ❤

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