Herkimer Diamond Cluster – Twins




• Emanate the brightest crystal Light
• Emit an exceptionally high vibrational frequency.
• Purifies your energy field and attuning to source of Creation (Devine).
• Provide a constant connection to higher spiritual domains
• Draws etheric energy and entities to your altar space.
• Stimulate clairvoyant, clairaudient and prescience or telepathic communication.
• Extremely useful for vivid dreams and dream recall,
• May be used to recover past life information.
• Grids with large Herkimer Diamonds are used to create dimensional doorways,
• Powerful aid for astral travel, dimensional shifting and other explorations into expanded reality.
• They provide power and assistance when establishing vortices for Earth healing or sacred space.
[Melody, 319] – [Eason, 136] – [Hall, 142] – [Ahsian, 197]

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