Aragonite – White Coral




• Raises vibrational frequencies to a higher spiritual level.
• Helps to block out mental and spiritual distraction.
• Stabilises out of control spiritual development: “re-grounds”.
• Stabilizes Base Chakra, aids in grounding and brings energy back into body
• As a fossilized mineral, it is a useful vehicle for conducting past life meditations.
• Attuned to Earth Goddess, reliable earth healer. Clears ley-lines and geopathic stress.
• Purifies one’s auric field or altar space.


• Will call to you when you are ready for growth and change .
• Helps to release debris from your emotional energy field.
• Then begins to breakdown older accumulations which may be affecting the physical body.
• Allows you to see the connections to older/forgotten events with negative emotional holds.
• As it breaks it down for you to release, it allows you to see the connections that formed them.
• (Including your responsibility in their formation.)
• Provides strength and support during times of emotional stress.
• This support allows you to acknowledge and break the patterns of disease.

4 thoughts on “Aragonite – White Coral

    • Hi Linda, it is a beautiful, peaceful stone with strong vibrational energy. It kept drawing me back to it’s location in the store before I finally listened and accepted it had medicine for me. I recommend visiting a local crystal shop, and seeing which stones call to you. If we listen, they will speak. Namaste

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  1. Linda, if you get one, please share your experience! I only list ‘some’ of the many metaphysical and healing attributes of these stones. Since it’s about my journey, generally what I will be working with the stones on. I welcome any additional information based on your experiences you may wish to share with others through my posts :). Namaste sister ❤


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