The burning times – and the rising of the Phoenix

The Rise of the Phoenix :


Kayla Baboolal (c) 2014
(Dedicated to the spirit of our sisters from the Burning Time)

There was no reason, no rhyme for the judgements that befell them.
There was no hope or aid, for the innocence within them,
They were mothers, children, healers and seers
Not a one wicked, yet not a one shed a tear.

They were our lineage, our ancestors, our own lives past.
They held the knowledge that the patriarchy’s did not want to last
For their strength and independence they were burned at the stake
Overruled by men whose power was fake

But they arise from the ashes, these phoenix of old
Holding truth to the legend that spirit is bold
Reborn into warriors, healers, our kin
Their strength, knowledge and wisdom will once again live

For we are those women from the ancient times past
Arising as the phoenix our power will last
Shaman, and witches, healers and seers
Returning to stand with strength and no fear.

The fires that consumed us now fuel our souls
we will never again parish by the hands of our foes.
The Goddess stands strong, honest and true.
For she stands forever within me….
and forever within you.

 Spirit crafted by: Kayla Baboolal
The Jaguar Spirit at:

This is an original piece of writing (c) 2014.
Permission required to repost, if granted, please link back to this site.  Namaste.

Photo Source: fire_element_by_brandrificus

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