Cancer Aid : Energy to Heal

I have known individuals who are survivors, individuals who are fighting this demon, and others, who did not succeed.  I created this grid for a friend, and have used it for my own family.  While I advocate modern medical care in all things, I truly believe that these procedures can be complimented by holistic practices.

The first complimentary therapy is a crystal grid.  If you are working on behalf of an individual who has requested healing, the central stone represents the individual with surrounding stones to amplify and add to it’s energy.  I do not follow ‘crystal grids’, I follow instinct and energy.  If the you feel the crystals formation should be different, please use your own instinct and experience.  This is simply based on my experience.

At the end of the description for the crystals I have added a video on Mudras for ‘aiding’ cancer patients. The video was posted as a ‘cure’ for cancer, I honestly don’t believe they should make such a claim, but I do believe in the energetic healing and strength that the mudras can add to her healing process. In service, Kayla. 8/1/14




The stone selected for the central focus of the energies of the healing, smoky quartz is born of radiation, which is both one of the causes, and cures, for cancer. I purchased this one today for all the energy, life and ‘action’ that is so alive within it. It will contribute to its ability to dissolves negative energy and emotional blockages allowing positive energies to enter and fill these spaces within the patient.


 A ‘cancer’ stone, its energy helps works on tumors, releasing the negative energy within the growth and assist in proper cellular regeneration. Being told you have inoperable cancer can clearly affect your spirit, bringing questions of purpose, life and death in focus. This restful stone was also selected for it’s ability to provide support during emotional trauma, while opening up the higher chakras to connect with the higher-self where answers can be found.


 Even in the presence of destructive energy, and there is none greater than cancer, it helps keep her auric field clear. It assists in purifying the body of toxins and clear her mind of negative thoughts, anxieties and the anger than can come from terminal illness.



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