My Medicine Wheel Tarot Prayer

A reminder of the importance of seeking answers from your subconscious. Carl Yung introduced us to the concept of a Collective Unconscious, which house knowledge passed on by genetics. One branch of Shamanism belief that the collective unconscious houses the memories of past lives. Use dreams to reach for that knowledge of the past, and the here and now to interpret what you find through tarot work.

There are many decks, and a few established rules for reading the deck – the most important thing is that you feel connected to the cards.  That the images inspire you.  I have several decks, each one based on an interest I have.  Each deck originally purchased for personal readings, they found their own calling in my hands – one for friends, one for dream interpretation, one for meditation and one for personal readings, one to reach the ancestors, etc.

After a decade of readings following one of the standard formats, I started to feel unconnected to the process. It became a task, not an experience I was tied to.  Then, one night, with worries weighing heavy on my mind, I wrote a prayer to the Goddess before the reading.  As I recited the prayer, my hands automatically placed the cards in a new position – similar to the Celtic Cross, but with a more specific purpose.  It has since developed into my true reading form, and I hope you find the wisdom in it, that I have

“The Shakti Shaman Medicine Wheel Tarot Ritual

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