My path was passed down to me, not in written word, but through oral tradition and practical application. But I worried that it would be lost, for I have no blood kin to pass the knowledge of “herstory” (my Mama) and “mystory” to. You, who journey with me, and help me share my rites for healing and spirit will be the ancestors of my craft. I give humble thanks for your continued support. Namaste.

The words come from deep within me

On these pages is where magick comes alive

My words exact

Forming a picture in my mind of my intention

Expressing the words of my heart and of my mind

My emotions finding release in my written words

Thoughts written by hand

I listen to my heart and let it speak

As my thoughts rise forming out of my breath

I paint my thoughts on these leather bound pages

My notes of experience

Words of spells

Mysterious illustrations

Secret alphabet

It has become my most treasured possession

It travels my history as being a witch

As my written words take root

It will be ready one day to be passed down

But until then…

It lays hidden in a magick trunk…

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