Fire and sky spirits : A modern thunderstorm creation myth.


it was one of the hottest day of the year in Toronto, as a Pitta, it was not at all my favorite day. But a part of me waited, on the brink of excitement, for I knew what was to follow. (image: artist sourced as: BarryAllwright, please correct if this was sourced incorrectly)

Throughout the day, the fire spirits gathered within our little world. Their frenzied dance building all around us. You could not see these spirits, but you felt them pressing against you, their warm breaths bring beads of condensation on your skin, and you could taste them in the salt they drew from your body as you moistened your lips.

As twilight took hold, the fire spirits radiated upward, spreading the heat like a phoenix unfurling her wings towards the heavens. And the sky spirits welcomed them. Embracing them in crystals to cool their fires, and slow their dance. Exhausted, the fire spirits welcome the healing balance within the sky, and as they wept with gratitude, the rain began to fall. Working as one, in balance, the fire spirits ground to the earth through lightening, and the sky spirits rejoice with the rumble of laughter.

There is balance again. The elements seek each other.  The earth and sky find stability through each other. There is balance again.

My story holds the spirit, this article holds the science. In all things, seek truth of spirit and wisdom of knowing. Seek balance.

Namaste. Kayla Baboolal – Shakti Shaman – In balance.

(photo Toronto Canada, Photographer Unknown)


Clouds contain millions and millions of water droplets and ice particles suspended in the air. As the process of evaporation and condensation occurs, these droplets collide with other moisture that is condensing as it rises. The importance of these collisions is that electrons are knocked off of the rising moisture, creating a charge separation. The newly knocked-off electrons gather at the lower portion of the cloud, giving it a negative charge. The rising moisture that has lost an electron carries a positive charge to the top of the cloud.

As the rising moisture encounters colder temperatures in the upper cloud regions and begins to freeze, the frozen portion becomes negatively charged and the unfrozen droplets become positively charged. At this point, rising air currents have the ability to remove the positively charged droplets from the ice and carry them to the top of the cloud. The remaining frozen portion either falls to the lower portion of the cloud or continues on to the ground.

The charge separation has an electric field associated with it. Like the cloud, this field is negative in the lower region and positive in the upper region. The strength or intensity of the electric field is directly related to the amount of charge build-up in the cloud. As the collisions and freezing continue to occur, and the charges at the top and bottom of the cloud increase, the electric field becomes more and more intense — so intense, in fact, that the electrons at the Earth’s surface are repelled deeper into the Earth by the negative charge at the lower portion of the cloud. This repulsion of electrons causes the Earth’s surface to acquire a strong positive charge.

All that is needed now is a conductive path so the negative cloud bottom can conduct its electricity to the positive Earth surface. The strong electric field creates this path through the air, resulting in lightning. The lightning is a high-voltage, high-current surge of electrons, and the temperature at the core of a lightning bolt is incredibly hot. For example, when lightning strikes a sand dune, it can instantly melt the sand into glass. The combination of the rapid heating of the air by the lightning and the subsequent rapid cooling creates sound waves. These sound waves are what we call thunder. There can never be thunder without lightning.

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