Seasons change, our cue to do the same!


I can’t help but smile.

Almost everywhere I look I am being reminded that the fall is a season of change, movement, transition.  This is not just happening around us, but within us.

The summer has heated our bodies, minds and emotions.  Restless but motivated, we find a ‘spark’ lite within us to do something, anything!  In Ayurvedic terms, the summer is equivalent to the Pitta dosha, holding many of the same attributes as those who are ruled by this fire/water dosha.

But you can feel the change, both around us and in us.  The season is moving away from the influence of fire and water, into the lightness of fall.  The temperatures cool, nature holds it’s breath as it begins it’s dance to slumber.  The air is more dry now, the winds hold more of a bite, the veil thins.  It is the season of ether and air.  It is the Vata season.  Just as our furry and feathered kin feel this change, they adjust for what is to come.  We have much to learn from them, for we should be doing the same.

Ayurveda is (as most of you know) a passion of mine.  It has helped me heal body, mind and spirit in an organic flow with nature, both internally and within the world I inhabit. It compliments both my shamanic practices and any spiritual or energy/healing work I am conducting.

I look forward to sharing this passion with you in my complimentary workshop on facebook!  A new dimension I am ‘journeying’ within ;).  The group is ‘secret’ but if you are interested in learning the fundamentals of Ayurveda, and how a seasonal detox can benefit you, click the facebook like button at the bottom of my website to journey with me in an interactive session on this amazing holistic practice.  What to expect?  Some topics will look familiar as they have been touched on within my website, but the workshop will provide further details, and several youtube videos that I have spend months shifting through for their accuracy and relevance!  Mind you, some will include notations based on my own training and experience 😉


Ayurveda Defined & The Dosha Dance:
Our body and Toxins : What is Ama
Benefits of a Bi-Annual Seasonal Detox:
Preparing for a Detox & Who should not participate in a Detox:
Water, yup, water! You’ll be surprised J
Dosha Testing

Expanding on topics covered in this website:

woman meditating at sunset on the Caribbean beach
Mind Dosha Attributes:
Sleeping your Dosha:
Indian Head Massage & Shirodhara:


Agni : Digestive Fires & Body Toxins
Digestion and Hydration:
Digestive Imbalances & Ailments
Eating for your Dosha & Tasty Tonics:
Abdominal Massage:
Pitta Stage of Life and Acid Reflux


Self Massage : Benefits of Abyhanga
Body Imbalances & Ailments
Exercise : Importance and Integration
Yoga your Dosha:
Pranayama : Breath of Life
Spa Day – Facials, Hair Treatments and Fun!

(By invite only 😉

How to implement a Dosha Detox
Dosha Detox Routine : Vata
Dosha Detox Routine : Pitta
Dosha Detox Routine : Kapha

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