The Journey Continues on Facebook!

Namaste and welcome to the facebook extension of my website!
Through this facebook page I hope to provide details on rituals and workshops that tie into the posts provided within this website. The first of which is an Ayurvedic Detox which is scheduled to commence September 14th! If you are interested in seeing how Ayurveda can help bring a healthy balance to both your life (and rites!), I welcome you to journey with me.
The workshop is a sharing of information and experiences, it is a secret facebook group and intimate in nature so be prepared to bare your soul! 😉 As I am not an Ayurvedic practitioner, this workshop is complimentary.  My goal is simply to share the knowledge I have gained through courses with the CAISH institute in Toronto, an intense library of books and online resources, fueled by my belief and passion for the subject.
An Ayurvedic Detox is recommended twice a year, at the onset of fall and spring.  Both of these coincide with two major annual rituals within my life, for which a full detox is required, and truly beneficial.  The Fall Rite is based on Shadow Work and a Self-Soul Retrieval Rite.  The spring ritual following the detox, is a Rebirthing Ceremony.  More information on both will be provided as the time draws near. 
Looking forward to this journey, hope to see you along the way! – KaylaB, Shakti Shaman

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