Moon Astrology : September


September brings the Harvest Moon, which is the Moon Hare Full Moon, the most powerful lunation of the creative year. The psychic harvest parallels agricultural harvest. Our inner field is harvested in meditation, loving remembrance, through the arts, in writing, dance, yoga, tai chi and other bio-energetic exercise that helps separate our golden wheat from the old world husks that are to be let go. This year’s harvest is a harvest of the ages, it is a global harvest as the creative fruits of the past 6 millennia are gathered into a common store from which Holy Grail like essence is given to each according to their need. All are given now what they are due to fulfill their true purpose in the new world coming to be.

01- Labor Day – White Rabbit!New Magic Is Afoot

Say ‘White Rabbit’ first thing today for luck throughout the month. This is a folk custom for the first day each month, the day of the Magician, the #1 card in Tarot. The Magician pulls another rabbit from his hat and this is the Moon Hare who stars in the upcoming Sep 7-8 Full Moon. Labor Day is well timed for the great harvest that is about to begin. It’s time to roll up our sleeves.

SEP 02-05 – First Quarter Moon

Time to Choose : This Moon is a scythe cutting across the sky, it’s time to cut free from the trappings of the past and affirm our purpose moving forward. Sacred to the Druids, the 1st Quarter is pivotal in the cycle of creation. This is a time to decide; choices now are likely right ones. Breathing deeply through the light of the crown frees energy flow up and down the spine to transform old world shadows and power our dreams.

SEP 02-03 Gate of Inspiration

Muse Gates open every 40 days, 9 each year. Whatever blocks creative flow comes before the Gate to be let go. It’s time to release body tensions that hold outmoded ways of thinking and feeling. Breathe deeply and move freely (dance!) to shed the old and be present to the magic of this new time. The Muse Melpomene reveals all that makes heavy the heart of the world. As all this is released through dance and breath the soul of the world is healed. This harvest tide brings blessings to all.

SEP 06-11 – The Moon Hare Full Moon

The Full Moon (exact 1:38 am gmt Sep 9) : Each Full Moon brings revelation and opportunity for healing body, mind and soul. This is the Harvest Moon when we separate the wheat from the chaff of the year. Now the Moon Hare is seen ‘pounding out the elixir of immortality’ just as our psyches are harvesting the essence of our nature and the good of past cycle. The Moon Hare’s ‘pounding’ can mean pounding herbs, it also means rhythmic movement as in dance or drumming. Ching or primal energy is converted into chi through rhythmic movement and the breath. In this way the psychic ‘lead’ or ching is transformed into healing chi and the gold of love and divine union occurs within. This inner alchemy is then realized in the outer world. It’s time to gather the elixir.

Ancestors Feast – Samhain:

Full Moon also marks the beginning of the Hindu Ancestral Vigil as the veil between worlds continues to thin. For additional information on my version of this ritual, which I refer to as the Ancestral Feast, please follow the links below:

 Seasonal Detox on Facebook!

This is also the ideal time to begin a seasonal detox. Journey with me on facebook through a five week complimentary workshop focusing on an Ayurvedic seasonal detox program! The group is secret, so please friend me, and PM your interest. While this is a structured workshop format, there is no fee at for this introduction program. Search for Kayla Alyssa to find me on facebook, still have to figure out how to add that feature on wordpress 😉

SEP 15-18 – Third Quarter Moon

Realizing Dreams : This Moon cuts away all that distracts from putting dreams into action. The 3rd Quarter Moon integrates new ideas into creative expression; it’s time to follow our bliss and do what feels good in concert with the whole.

SEP 18-22 – Balsamic Moon

This is the Wishing Moon, a time to put wishes on the air. Also called the Witches Moon, it’s time to bring to mind those who need healing. Feeling invokes healing, the deeper we feel, the deeper we heal and the more Moon magic comes through the new lunar cycle. The Moon moves tides of emotion as it moves tides of the ocean. The outgoing tide takes away what is no longer needed, the incoming tide brings forth what is to be seeded new. Moon shadows, old life patterns, go out with the waning tide. We just breathe deeply and let go. As astral shadows dissolve, chi is set free to realize our dreams. See the lunar crescent rising before the Sun with bright Venus, the goddess of love. Venus brings blessings of new life, new inspiration and new love. Make a wish!

SEP 22-25 Autumn Equinox

(exact 2:29 am Sep 23) – Restoring the Balance : Everything is weighed on the cosmic scale at the Equinox. Balance is restored within and without as the Sun moves through Libra the sign of Maat. In her left hand Maat holds a scale that balances a heart against ‘the feather of truth.’ In her right hand Maat holds a golden triangle that frames the Goddess Eye. From this Eye comes a beam of light or bolt of lightning which eliminates whatever makes the heart heavy so it becomes as light as the Feather of Truth. This Eye exists in everyone and it is opening now. Social justice and egalitarian economic democracy are realized through the liberating equilibrating influence of Libra / Maat.

SEP 23-25 – Dark of the Moon / Libra New Moon

Follow the Light Within : The day before New Moon until Sunset the day after is ideal for house cleaning or energy work and meditation to make way for the new cycle; outer activity is well favored in the days after the new lunar crescent appears on the evening of Sep 25. Old Moon shadows give way as we connect to the light within and breathe. The day of the New Moon (exact 6:14 am Sep 24) is a cosmic spring that flows freely as we slow down. New Moon is the monthly reunion of Sun and Moon when a new pulse of divine light enters our world, the more we are quiet the more we receive. Nostradamus calls New Moon “the day of Diana, a time for silent rest.” The New Moon is a magic portal, a source of new creation and a psychic black hole much like Alice’s rabbit hole. Wonders await our following the Moon Hare within. Now we can know what has been, what is, and how to realize the best that is yet to be.

SEP 25-30 – Crescent New Moon

Time to Sow : The appearance of the lunar crescent on Sept 25 begins a 10-day / 9-night celebration in the Cherokee, the ancient Chinese, Hindu and Greek mystery school traditions. All say this 7th Moon of the zodiacal year is when the world was first created and is recreated each year. During these 9 Nights (the Hindu Navaratri) Kali is welcomed into homes to consume the old year’s discord. The Cherokee celebrate their “Nuetiegwa” Big Medicine Moon. Cherokee women dance from the time the crescent appears until the Moon sets to help the world be reborn. Their dance continues several evenings 25-28. When the lunar crescent first appears at Rosh Hashanah a sacred fire is lit on a hill and the shofar, a ram’s horn, is blown signaling the beginning of the spiritual year. Re-creation in spirit makes way for the New World to be. All fortunes turn on the tide of this 7th Moon.  It’s time to bring forward what we wish to be realized. Farmers plant seeds when the new lunar crescent appears, seeds become fertile on every level; new beginnings are favored now. Whatever is dreamed and initiated in this new Summer of Love brings blessings for the years to come. Moon magic is strongest from Sunset to Moonset when the Moon is in the 7th House. Meditation now opens doorways, wishes take wing, prayers bring blessings for this lunar cycle and the new creation to be.

Steve Nelson is a professional astrologer who uses Tarot, name analysis, and traditional astrology to help clients understand personal myths and realize natural abilities. He can be reached at

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