Detox : Digestion (agni) and Toxins (ama)


According to Ayurveda, good health is dependent upon our capability to fully digest and eliminate food, which involves boosting our digestive process.  This process is known in Ayurveda as “agni”.

Balanced Digestive Fires : Balanced Agni:

Creates healthy tissues
Eliminate waste products efficiently.
Produces a subtle essence called ‘ojas’.

This is the basis of physical and emotional strength, and immunity
It is the key to feeling full of life.

Unbalanced Digestive Fires : Unbalanced Agni
Creates weak agni
Digestion is incomplete.
Accumulation of toxic residue (known as Ama)


 The accumulation of toxins in the body from improperly digested food or waste materials in the body. This substance is heavy, dense, cold, and slimy and blocks energy flows, leading to obstructed nourishment and disease. Ama is the root of most colds, fevers and flu, as well as the chronic diseases of a weak auto-immune system which may range from allergies and hay fever to asthma, arthritis, or cancer.


In addition to the reducion of the side effects of increase ama, noted above, there are additional potential benefits from a short detox program (again, for all programs on my website, I request you speak to your family doctor and practitioners first.). These include, but are not limited to:

Elimination (or at least the reduction of) headaches, brain fog/poor concentration, fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches and pain, and skin problems such as acne or eczema. By removing ama from the body and mind we bring a higher state of being to our lives.

But its not just the right diet that is so important as negative emotions (fear, anger, greed, and guilt) also create mental toxins. These are as damaging as their physical counterparts and obstruct the flow of positive feelings and mental clarity, and lead to mental imbalance. Undigested experiences become toxic like undigested food. So, its not just what we eat, but how we feel when we eat it! Furthermore, our 5 senses our often overused or underused, such as excess staring at screens, or standing by the speakers at a night club!

Details obtained from: Teach Yourself Ayurveda : by Sarah Lie.

Please stay tuned for the final posts on the Seasonal Detox, an extended weekend program for each dosha! – Namaste, in service. KaylaB

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