Ancestor’s Feast Ritual – Samhain


The Shakti Shaman Ancestor’s Feast Rite:


The following is my personal Feast of the Ancestor’s rite, it combines elements of the Pitri/Pitru Paksha, the Hindu ancestral observance in the fall, and utilizes island shamanic portal and spirit work. to create my Ancestor’s Feast, or Samhain Rite.  Before reviewing the puja/ritual, please read the intro to the rite found at the following link:


[1] Lord Ganesh Mantra & Offering
[2] Create portal/cross roads btw earth/spirit realms.
[3] Invite the Ancestors & Ancients
[4] Ancestral offering : a meal in welcome.
[5] Ancestral offering : Mantra blessings
Mantra for guidance (wisdom/health/abundance)
Incense offering (wisdom/health/abundance
[6] Crystal Skull – Spirit Home
[7] Ancestral offering : thanks – departure.
[8] Closing of portal – Ritual ends.


To help me manifest my will, I call to Lord Ganesh to remove all obstacles,
known and unknown, seen and unseen, from within and without,
which impede the manifestation of my intent…

Recite full 108 recitations of Ganesh Mantra
Om Sri Maha Ganapataye Namah

Within your sacred presence I seek your blessings upon this ritual,
And to open and guard this altar, space and sacred cross-roads
That it may serve as a portal to a time between time,
And a place between space to welcome
Mama, Papa, and the Ancients.
I welcome your guidance and seek your protection for the spirit of my ancestors that I seek communion with on this night.
May all who you allow passage be of good will and intent.


This creates the portal between spirit & earth realm from which the ancestors/ancients will travel through to visit during this rite.

(‘draw’ spirit line – (sea salt, jasmine oil and florida water – as you say:)
May you find your way.

(‘draw’ earth line – island sand charged black volcanic salt – as you say:)
To the Earth to ground

(circle with both spirit/earth salts and grid the ends of each line with BT skulls – as you say:)
A blessed heaven here you’ve found

(with Reiki palms over crossroads say:)
Please sit and rest if it be your will,
With harm to none reside within.


(cup reiki charged palms over black copal resin, sandalwood or other “spirit calling” resins or incense cones or sticks)

Through fires light, this message I send
To the spirit of my departed friends
An invitation to my humble home
For you are remembered and not alone.

(light incense calling to Mama, Papa and the Ancients)


(cup reiki charged palms over meal ‘cups’)

To sustain you through this sacred night,
This Prasad I offer, a nurturing light,
Please rest and enjoy a taste of home,
I humbly offer for you alone.

(place on ‘earth’ path)


Mama, Papa and Ancient Ones,
I offer my prayers in humble thanks:
For the patience you have had
When from my course I’ve strayed
And for the lessons I have learned
When I’ve found my way
For the compassion you have taught me
Through how you lived your life
And the belief you always had in me
To face adversity and fight.
But more than anything I give my thanks for this,
The love I never doubted and very much still miss.

ancestral blessing for removal of obstacles

Light Wisdom Incense holding them in Anjali Mudra offer the three stages of Namaskaram to Lord Ganapti, the ancestors/ancient one, & the spirit within, which is also seated at this rite:

Your forgiveness I ask for ills of my past
Your guidance I seek to move forward on my path
Please guide the way
Recite Ganesh Mantra: Om Sri Maha Ganapataye Namah

ancestral blessing for healing & well being

Medicine Buddha Incense holding them in Anjali Mudra offer the three stages of Namaskaram to the Medicine Buddha, the ancestors/ancient one, & the spirit within:

To bring balance to my life, at work and at home
Through peace of mind, body and soul.
Please guide the way
Recite Danvantre Mantra: Om Sri Dhanvatre Namaha 

ancestral blessing for abundance

Green Tara or Lakshmimata Incense holding them in Anjali Mudra offer the three stages of Namaskaram to the Green Tara or Lakshmi statue, the ancestors/ancient one, & the spirit within:

One more gift I ask of thee, Financial job security
To support my needs within my life
And face a future free from financial strife.
Please guide the way
Recite either Green Tara or Lakshimi Mantra:
Green Tara: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha
Lakshmi Beej Mantra: Om Hrim Shrim Lakshi Bhyo Namah


Sacred portal I ask of thee:
Please accept the gifts bestowed to me,
Of wisdom, guidance and healing light,
Gifts of the ancients granted to me
On this sacred Hallow’s night.

Safe and protected these boons you will hold
Their messages through the tarot to unfold
In to my life as is meant to be
With harm to none, so mote it be
Blessed be, namaste

Once puja is complete, lay skull on top of favourite tarot deck, or the high priestess cards of the most used decks. The vibrational knowledge infused into the skull during this ritual will fuel the cards with their appropriate guidance to bring blessing to your future readings.


I thank you for the honour you bestow on me this night.
My heart has been reminded of your compassion
May I honour you with the use of it
My mind has been reminded of your wisdom,
May I seek it all around me,
My spirit has been reminded of its journey,
May I walk each day with the Goddess within.
Recite Gayatri Mantra.


To strengthen you for your journey ahead
I offer you some sweet bread
Place sweet offering and ‘spirits’ on spirit line to draw spirit from earth plane.

Blessed be as you journey home
No longer in my home you’ll roam
Lay salt over earth line to assist spirits back on spirit line

I seal the veil between our worlds
But in my heart your memory I hold.
Lay earth salt on spirit line to seal portal closed.

Namaste – I love you.
Give energy offering through mantra by Recite Om Shanti Om (Peace Mantra) to help them on their journey home.

At this point I sit in meditation and usually I do go through a grieving process again for the loss of their energy which I feel so strongly around me during the open ritual. Though I know they are always with me, my love for them and from them is the purest I’ve known from ‘humans’ and I do miss them more than I can express.

8 thoughts on “Ancestor’s Feast Ritual – Samhain

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    • Do you have a post on your site you can recommend for the Deipnon? While I have embraced the knowledge many of the paths offer, we can learn so much from each other!, I sadly have not come across this as yet. I have a basic knowledge on Hekate, but I know she works with the crossroads and I’ve been fascinated by her 🙂


      • Checked out the link (thank you!) and you’re right there are similarities to my path within this observance 🙂 I love the idea of providing spiritual energy through giving, I do that through my healing practice.. I get some heat for it, I, like my mama, just can’t charge for it.. I believe there IS an exchange being done, you have to see it with a fresh set of eyes.. or maybe the 3rd one 🙂 The concept of the New/Dark moon being a time for cleansing away the old and planting the intent for the new is what both my Kalash Puja and Tea Ceremony are about. I love the connections! Thank you for sharing the link with me… Namaste 🙂


      • My mama was what I would call a ‘ghost’ or ‘spirit’ walker. She helped many spirits who were unaccepting of their untimely death pass over. Including a friend of mine when I was a young girl. She truly was an amazing woman 🙂 I will check out the website, thank you!


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